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Mosley’s Pride and Joy in Quitman School District

Natasha Mosley stands at the doorway of her office.

Natasha Mosley stands in the doorway of a small, partially decorated space in Quitman School District’s central office. Though she has only been employed for a few weeks, the majority of the faculty and staff throughout the district’s schools recognize the smile, the professional dress, and the energy of the woman who has an enthusiastic hello for everyone she meets. QSD’s Superintendent Toriano Holloway is sure that the Board of Trustees’ hire of Mosley for Literacy Curriculum Specialist is going to make a huge difference for the students and teachers throughout the district.

Mosley is confident of that, as well.

Natasha Mosley works on one of the many projects she has at Quitman School District.

“I’m responsible for providing support for teachers in English, language arts and reading as it relates to the curriculum, and it is up to me to make sure that the district’s benchmark assessments are conducted with integrity and fidelity, and that they are available and accessible to the people who need them. I am also the MSIS and SAM coordinator for Quitman School District. That means I make sure the student and employee data is managed and shared accurately with the Mississippi Department of Education.”

With 18 years of educational experience in her former roles as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, Mosley is excited about all the tasks she now has at hand.

“I am just dedicated to insuring that I am visible, transparent, and open to the teachers. Their job matters most in this district. I want to make myself accessible to them when they need my support.”

And Mosley knows that a natural effect of teacher support is student achievement. Even before any of her degrees were hung in her office, she was hanging handmade posters.

A poster about a data wall hangs in Mosley's office.

Two of the students who will be tracking their own progress at Quitman School District are her two children, a first grader and a sixth grader who she describes as her pride and joy.

“I wanted to invest in the district and what better way than to bring my pride and joy. If I believe in this, then I am going to bring my children to what is a quality education. They will reap the benefits of the work we are all doing here.”




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