Partying with Tyrikus

Tyrikus poses with his classmates and teacher Mrs. Smith.

It’s the end of the year party in Mrs. Smith’s AP Chemistry class, but it must look similar to an end of the year party in medical school. Tyrikus has been looking forward to this party and the one in his future since he was in eighth grade. He explains,

“Until high school I was just an A, B student because I thought that was all I could do. But I got tired of Chad winning everything. On awards night he was up on stage and I was down there with my few plaques. During my 9th grade year I knew I wanted to do something. I just didn’t know what yet. I took Health Science I during my 10th grade year. I decided I wanted to go into the medical field because I want to help people. I decided I would be a dermatologist when I took A & P (Anatomy & Physiology) because the skin was the only organ that fascinated me. I don’t have the pace to be an ER doctor.”

Tyrikus stands with his friend Miracle for a party.

The 2018 QHS Valedictorian will definitely be missed by his friends and teachers at Quitman High School. As a member of FBLA, HOSA, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Beta Club, Student Council, Quiz Bowl, Mu Alpha Theta, and a clarinet player for the Big Blue Crew, Tyrikus is seen often on the campus of Quitman High School, including Panther Football Field.

“I played percussion in junior high (QJH). I love timpani, but I started playing the clarinet my tenth grade year because I wanted to march.”

The young man will continue to play the clarinet and march this summer, but the colors he wears will change. He is already planning to split his time between the Maroon Typhoon, the Charles Pickering Honors Institute, and nursing classes.Tyrikus poses with his friend Miracle.

“After Jones I’ll be looking at USM, Delta State, and William Carey. I want to do a parallel nursing program where I can get my bachelor’s of science degree and take pre-med classes on the side. Then I’ll take off a year before I go to medical school.”

Tyrikus has already been to medical school. He spent the summer between his sophomore and junior years attending the Envision National Youth Leadership Forum in Medicine at the University of Maryland. There he was able to meet people who share his passion for learning and medicine.

Tyrikus poses with friends.

Of course, we’ve watched him connecting with curious and passionate people since he began school thirteen years ago. In less than a week he will walk across Panther Field with many of those friends, step onto a stage, be handed his QHS diploma, shake our hands, return to his seat, move his tassel from the right of his cap to the left, and then throw that cap into the air as he is transformed from a member of the 2018 QHS graduating class to a 2018 QHS graduate. How is he feeling about graduation?

“I feel like my dreams and wishes are finally answered. Persistence has kept me here. I set goals I wanted to accomplish.”

Tyrikus checks the blood pressure of his Health Science I & II teacher.

With graduation and valedictorian goals accomplished, Tyrikus is ready to tackle his next objective. When asked if he has any advice for others seeking to accomplish goals in their lives, he is quick to reply,

“I was one of the lucky kids who had great teachers and wanted to be there. My teachers were influential and helped me become a better person. Make good grades, work hard, and you will have no problems graduating. Ten years from now I hope to still be in Mississippi. I feel like there needs to be improvement in my state. I want to work and help improve and give back to the community. I think it kinda gives the students a different feel when a student comes back and tells them how it worked out.”

We look forward to that, Tyrikus.