Coming in late July 2018

Parking spaces are being repainted in the QSD Central Office parking lot.

We will soon be documenting the makeovers which are taking place throughout the district. The summer maintenance department employs eight hard-working, don’t mind the heat, keeping our campuses beautiful, lawns mowed, and repairs done program and is managed by Joseph Holloman. Two students are on the crew, and they both bring a work ethic and follow the examples of the work ethic set here.

We love seeing the repairs being made.

It definitely feels like we’re preparing for a great year.

A photo of the cover of Panther Nation magazine.

We get the same feeling from the students involved with the Panther Nation Magazine. QHS senior Taylor Harris brings a writing talent coupled with a quirky confidence which works well with the Career Tech Center’s new Law and Public Safety instructor. Both Harris and Harlan come to life in the article, and you’ll soon be able to read it.

Sophomore Jodi Cook has conducted surveys, attended meetings, and covered the first QHS Panther Baseball practice with a camera in her hands. Here is just one of the shots she got.

Panther baseball's first practice with their new coach.

Sophomore Brittany Abston brings an attention to detail which makes editing look like the supreme polish and wax job at the car wash, but she makes it look easy.

With such help and work from writers Brittany Brown, Courtney Jones, and Jess Waltman along with articles on Tavarius Moore, Jonathan Russell, and a recipe from a movie star who was one of the greatest cowboys, we can’t help but be excited about reading this year’s Panther Nation magazine.