Visiting Quitman School District

QLE student peeks from behind a doorway.

Our schools can be hard to describe to someone who hasn’t walked our hallways. Little surprises seem to be waiting behind every door. The floors shine. It’s surprisingly quiet. Our students’ work is proudly displayed, and so is our teachers’.

QJH student sits near mural.

It’s why QHS Principal Dr. Howard Savage was so excited to welcome Mississippi’s Teacher of the Year Whitney Drewrey and Mississippi Association of Educators president Joyce Helmick to Quitman High School this week. Drewrey, a special education teacher in Lafayette County says of the visit,

“My life has been turned upside down since April when they announced that I received Teacher of the Year. Coming to schools who are doing incredible things with amazing administrators such as Dr. Savage is great. He has been great at helping me feel comfortable with putting myself out there in front of people. I was always much more comfortable in the classroom, but I know it is important for me to be an advocate for my babies.”

Mississippi's Teacher of the Year poses for a photo at QHS.

Knowing her students are in good hands and FaceTiming them also helps Drewrey venture outside the comfort zone of her classroom. She will soon be heading on a national tour as she is hoping to be selected as the National Teacher of the Year. The message she has from Mississippi is one she speaks clearly,

“I want to make sure people understand that every single child can learn. If we give them a safe environment and provide them with the love and tools they need, they can learn. We just need to find their niche. Every one of our children has a place in society.”


Dr. Savage interviews with WTOK.

For those wanting to hear more about Drewrey’s visit, WTOK Newscenter 11 has a great story on it. You can view that HERE.