Princess Soldier Ellie

Ellie's family stands with her on the field on Senior Night.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

“I am a princess,” Ellie says and smiles as if to dare you to say she isn’t a member of a royal family. Then she adds, “You can include that picture of me with my family on Panther Field on senior night.”

It is not a surprise that the QHS senior had the highest average in a creative writing class in 9th grade.

“I also got the Uniform Excellence award in JROTC in 9th grade, and I got 2nd place in The National Council of Negro Women essay contest.”

Ellie poses on stage in the QHS auditorium.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

The current Panther HOSA President and Tri-M Vice President explains the key to the success she has seen thus far in life.

“I’m a good leader. I’m nice to many people I like. I help the sick and homeless. I give to the Salvation Army. I stand up for anybody, if I like you. If I don’t like you, you’re up a bad creek. I want to be remembered as a beautiful princess who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I’m a sweetheart, but it’s my way or the highway.”


Ellie poses with a sign which reads, "How do you want to be remembered"?"

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

Those not on Ellie’s highway may not be there to see her obtain her Master of Science in Nursing, but Ellie’s close friends and family nod when she says,

“I’m going to open a family clinic probably in Florida or on the Gulf Coast. I want to be near the water.”

One way she is planning on doing that is through an enlistment in the National Guard. Her current work in the Quitman High School JROTC gives her access to all the information she needs.

Ellie sits on the front steps of QHS.“Being a part of JROTC makes me tougher. I want to go to either Southern (USM) or UWA. If I get my nursing degree, I can go into the guard as a captain.”

Ellie poses with a friend after Red Ribbon Day at QLE.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

Until then Ellie plans on taking college classes, competing in HOSA competitions, singing with abandon at choral concerts and in her car, obtaining her CNA certification, and enjoying her senior year which she describes as, “Same as any other year.”