Panther Academics: Putting First Things First

QJH students are served pizza by the central office staff.

Quitman Junior High students line up for a special treat. All 130 of them are students of one of the classes who had the highest percent proficient on their first benchmark assessment. They are being served pizza by the Central Office staff of Quitman School District.

Central office staff serve pizza to students.

The same things is happening at Quitman Upper Elementary and Quitman Lower Elementary, as well. QSD Superintendent Dr. Holloway wants to use the incentive of a pizza party to encourage students to continue to do well on benchmark assessments. He also wants for students to see the people who serve them everyday in the district’s central office.

Central office staff serve pizza to students.

The day is filled with pizza, applause, and Dr. Holloway reminding these students that the assessments they take are important tools in their education and something they need to keep track of as well.

Central office staff serve pizza to students.

Because before they can play sports or be a member of a club our students must take care of first things first, and in Panther Nation, academics is first.

A QLE student smiling about the treat he earned.

Being proud of our students is one thing, but ensuring they are proud of themselves and the work they are doing is why Dr. Holloway and the faculty and staff of Quitman School District come to work.