Panther Week 30 of 36: Practicing the 7 Habits

QHS Baseball will play it' season closer against Enterprise tonight on Panther Field.

Monday, April 15th

QUE: MAAP-A Testing

QUE: Return library books this week

QHS: Panther Baseball vs. Enterprise in the Yard  4:30/6:30


QUE students with perfect attendance pose for a photo.

Tuesday, April 16th

QHS: Biology I State Test

QUE: MAAP – A Testing

QJH: Panther Baseball vs. Southeast Lauderdale in the Yard 5:00/6:30

QHS: Panther Fast Pitch @ George County 5:00

QUE: 4th Grade Concert in QUE Gym 6:00

A QLE students poses by a sign which reads, "100 Reasons I Love School."

Wednesday, April 17th

QHS: U.S. History State Test

QJH: 8th Grade MAAP Math & ACC

QUE: MAAP – A Testing


Panther Fast Pitch cheers.

Thursday, April 18th

All Schools: Progress Reports Issued

QHS: Algebra I State Re-testers

QJH: 8th Grade Math – Part II & 8th Grade ACC

QUE: 3rd & 4th Grade Nutrition w/Mrs. Price

QSD: 3rd Term Benchmark Celebration 12:30

QLE: 2nd Grade Program in QHS Auditorium 1:00

QHS: Panther Fast Pitch vs. SE Lauderdale 5:00


A door at QJH is decorated with the 7 Habits.

Friday, April 19th

All Schools: Good Friday Holiday and Monday is a holiday, too! See you back at school on Tuesday, April 23rd.