Showing School Nurse Appreciation

Throughout Quitman School District teachers and students have been telling and showing our school nurses how much they are appreciated.

A photo of a stethoscope, a heart and a kid's hands.

Nurse Douglas and Nurse Harris love their jobs and work hard to ensure our children’s health and safety. They are hoping that we will show our appreciation by helping them do two things.

  1. All student medications must be picked up from the school preferably before the last day of school, which is the 23rd for students.

  2. Parents of 6th graders must get their child’s Tdap vaccine prior to next year’s registration. It is a state requirement and Shubuta Outreach Clinic will be at Quitman Junior High on May 16th and May 17th to give those vaccines to the kids. However, parents must submit the consent forms by May 9th. If not, parents may choose to take students to his/her primary care physician or the local health department.

Form for immunization requirements.