Erin’s Vision

Erin attends a clinical training at a local eye doctor.

This is Erin’s second year as a Career Tech Health Science student but last Thursday was her first clinical rotation of the year. That morning she dressed in her navy blue scrubs and headed out to experience yet another job in the healthcare career path. She was assigned to The Eye Clinic of Quitman. In an interview earlier in the week, the QHS senior explained where she wanted to go in her life after high school.

“I know I want to do something in the medical field. My dad is a physical therapist; my mom is a respiratory therapist, and my cousins are nurses. My brother is going to be a physical therapist assistant. I know I need to get my stuff ready, like what I plan on doing. I’ve job shadowed veterinarians, physical therapists, and dental assistants. I get to see what they all do.”

Not only has Erin been watching what they do, but the Panther cheerleader, HOSA member, National Technical Honor Society inductee, and senior homecoming maid is also busy enjoying her last year at Quitman High School.


Erin poses behind trophies at cheer camp.

Photograph courtesy of Erin

With a successful summer cheer camp and a football season in full swing, Erin admits,

“It’s very hard work. It’s not just put a smile on my face and wear short skirts. I’ve learned that I can’t fly because I had this really bad and traumatic experience breaking my arm twice. You have to be a leader. You have to show them that it’s okay to be yourself. Even though you have bad days, you can still be a fun and cheerful person.”


Erin poses with fellow cheerleaders.

Photograph courtesy of Erin

She does confess that one of the great perks of cheering has been the connections she has made, and she does plan on keeping in touch with her fellow teammates. Where will Erin be going next? She answered,

“My brother went to Jones so I’m trying to get the information from him, but I’m thinking MCC first. He’s at Mississippi State now. After my first year of a community college hopefully I’ll go somewhere else – hopefully Mississippi State.”

Erin is obviously keeping her options open and visited the University of Southern Mississippi’s classroom on the high school’s college night last week.
Erin poses on college night at QHS.

Ten years from now this QHS senior is hoping to be living in a beach house in Florida, working at a local sports medicine clinic as a physical therapist and enjoying her husband and two dogs. Right now she is willing to give advice to those younger than her who may have similar dreams. She says,

“Have fun but not too much fun to where you are not concentrated on your schoolwork. Make sure you study a lot and sleep a lot, too. Don’t overwork yourself. Make high school friends. Don’t be a loser.”