Homecoming: Beginning with the End in Mind

The 2019 QHS Panther Homecoming Court poses for a photo.

At the end of the 2019 Panther Homecoming week, Panther students, friends, families, faculty, alumni, staff, and administrators will begin cooking on their grills behind the visiting team’s bleachers. There will be plenty of smiles, many “welcome home” greetings, and hugs  to be had by everyone. At 5:30 the concession stand will fire up their grills and start serving  the boiled peanuts they can sometimes run out of. The Panther Kittens will smile and wave as they march onto the field, and they’ll notice how the crowd has grown and everyone is smiling back at them.

The JROTC cadets will present the colors, the crowds will stand, put their hands over the hearts, and listen as the Big Blue Crew plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” and not long after the football team, cheerleaders and the Panther mascot will run onto the sideline as the band plays our fight song.

We will all be cheering for our Quitman Panthers to win, but we’ll feel like we’ve already won.

This is a flyer for Panther Homecoming t-shirts.

That week we will be dressing up each day to show our spirit for our school and our community.

A listing of the dress up days for Panther Homecoming.


With Thursday night’s 5:30 parade and the following block party in the Big Blue Crew’s Practice field renewing our hopes that hard work produces great things in less than a week, we’ll only be able to nod and smile. There will be less talking because everyone will be so tired.

Of course, we will be. We do it for the love of our kids and our community.

So, don’t miss QJH’s Pep Rally @ 2:40 p.m. and Homecoming game with a half-time presentation of the 2019 QJH Homecoming Court on Tuesday, October 15th at 5:00 p.m.

Since you’re proactive, you’ll start planning for the 2019 Panther Homecoming now (if you haven’t already started).