Expressing Skylar

Skylar poses for a photo.

Photograph courtesy of Skylar

It was too strict where Skylar went to school so her parents decided to change schools, but that was ten years ago when she was in third grade.

“I kept wearing my hair down, wearing lip gloss, having my fingernails painted. My parents got mad because I kept getting in trouble for those things.”

Once at Quitman Upper Elementary Skylar had enough freedom to learn, and five years later at Quitman Junior High she got into some books. Eighth-grade English teacher, Mr. Gilmer, introduced her to them.

“I did really like Fahrenheit 451, but my favorite was The Outsiders. I liked the characters. They gave so much detail about the characters; and you saw their life from a different perspective. It was the Socials vs. Greasers. Mr. Gilmer was the teacher. I like English. I never really liked reading. He made me like it a little bit. He made the stories come to life with all the different projects we did and all the different activities.”

Skylar poses with her friends.

Photograph courtesy of Skylar

The next year Skylar was in 9th grade in a new school. She explains,

“The transition to QHS was easy. I just had to learn to come to school and do what I’m supposed to do. The only thing I struggled with in 9th grade was math, and that’s because I always missed 8th period because of a boy who was a senior and permitted.”

Now Skylar is a good math student who not only is doing well in College Algebra at Quitman High School, but she is also working in her chosen career at Quitman Lower Elementary.

“I’m in early childhood at the Vo-Tech. I want to be an elementary teacher. I really enjoy kids, and I like to make them smile. I know a lot of them don’t have a really good home life, and I want my classroom to make them feel welcome. I like Pre-K through 2nd-grade, but mainly though, Pre-K and kindergarten.”

Skylar poses with her family.

Photograph courtesy of Skylar

Through the Early Childhood Teaching Lab at QLE, Skylar is able to provide and practice the skills she has learned in class within a classroom of eager minds and excellent supervision.


“My mom was going to be an elementary teacher but she didn’t finish so that pushes me to finish school and do what I want to do. But I like to be unique and do things differently. I think that will help me be creative with my students.”

Living creatively in a research paper for Mrs. Reeves and planning how she will be spending her last year at Quitman High School, this FBLA, FCCLA, and NTHS member looks relaxed and happy as she smiles and laughs during her interview. 

Skylar laughs with family.

Photograph courtesy of Skylar


For those wondering if she has any advice before she graduates and makes the transition to Meridian Community College, Skylar says,

“Stay focused and don’t get caught up in everything. Set goals and try your best to achieve those goals.”

Skylar poses with her boyfriend at last year's prom.

Photograph courtesy of Skylar