Madison’s Path

Madison stands with a familiar sign. "How do you want to be remembered?" is written on it.

Madison is hoping to be an example to the people who pass her in the hallways of Quitman High School, to her friends, and her family. Her answer to the question posed to the Class of 2019 is,

“I want to be remembered for never giving up and showing that no matter how many problems you have, you can overcome.”

She continues,

“I’ve been coming here since kindergarten. It’s bittersweet this year. It’s my last time to do everything in high school. People you grew up with and have known your whole life, you probably won’t see them again because you are probably going your separate paths.”

Madison already knows how special this year’s chorus concerts will be.

Madison is ready for class in the chorus room.

She has been singing at school since she was in 7th grade. Her voice has been and will be part of what we come to love in the QHS Auditorium in the fall, at Christmastime, and spring is not spring without a choral concert. Will she do chorus in college? She is not sure yet.

Madison is still deciding if she will be attending Meridian Community College or East Mississippi Community College. She is still wondering if she will be a nurse or a physical therapy assistant.

“In my 9th grade year I started thinking I would do something in the medical field. Helping my brother,

 who is handicapped, is one of the reasons.

This year I’ll be doing more clinicals in Health Science II. It’s just something that interests me.”

Part of being interested in a class at the Career Tech Center means performing assessments on mannequins in front of your peers.

Madison performs an assessment in front of the Health Science II class.

Entering into her third week of classes at Quitman School District, this QHS senior is aware of how special time is. With six hours of college credits scheduled, memberships in the school’s HOSA and Tri-M Music Honor Society, choices to be made, and applications to be completed, Madison continues to smile as she enjoys her last year at QHS. For those wondering if she has any advice, she does,

“Focus on the studies and not what others think about you.”

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