Meet the Superintendent

Dr. Minnie Dace

Welcome to Quitman School District.  We are so glad that you are visiting our site.  Take a moment to look over our website.  It has been designed with parents, staff, and community in mind.  For parents, we hope this website will help you stay connected with your child’s education.  Take a look at the schools where we are educating your children (and grandchildren)!  We want you to be informed and involved.

Our mission is to provide a quality educational program that recognizes the individuality of each student.  In order to do so, it is vital that we maintain an open line of communication with our parents and community.

The success of our school district depends on the talents and skills of our dedicated employees while partnering with parents, business partners, and the community.

Dr. Minnie Dace, Superintendent

At Quitman School District, it is our continued focus that we stay the course of our mission, vision, and goals that we defined through a collective and collaborative team. We are all teachers, and we all have greatness within us. QSD calls upon each of you to be part of the on-going “Period of Restoration”. Empowering Excellence by restoring, rebuilding, and revitalizing our schools/district and community are our driving force.

How can we do it? We can reach this goal by being laser-focused on accountability, positive relationships/partnerships, high expectations and academic success, both internally and externally. No man can operate as an island to himself. Therefore, we must have and need ALL stakeholders’ unwavering support and trust in truly educating the whole-child.

President John F. Kennedy once stated, “There are risks and costs to action but they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” In other words, we must act together as one team and be the change that we want to see. We must let our purpose drive us and our passion define us in order to influence the change that we know our schools, community, and students need and deserve. I challenge each of us to be the links in the chain that the other person may need to be excellent.