Quitman Upper Elementary

QUE principal and assistant principal photo
Quitman Upper Elementary
300 East Franklin Street
Quitman, MS 39355
Phone (601) 776-6123
Fax (601) 776-1043

Kristen Schrimpshire, Principal

Mrs. Schrimpshire is a graduate of Mississippi State University and The University of Southern Mississippi where she received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership.  She has spent her entire career serving QSD in various capacities.  She spent 8 years at QHS teaching Mathematics, 3 years at QJH as Instructional Facilitator, 4 years at QJH as Assistant Principal, and this is her 3rd year as Principal at QUE.

When asked why she chose to work at Quitman School District, Mrs. Schrimpshire said, "I am a 2003 graduate of QSD. Quitman is home and I was so excited for the opportunity to teach and be a part of the school that shaped me into the person I am today!"

Mrs. Schrimpshire's years working for QSD have been filled with so many rewarding experiences. She says the most rewarding thing about her job is seeing the success of her former students. Sometimes that is hearing about their exciting career opportunities and other times that is simply seeing them be a parent as they bring their elementary children into her building.

Scott Benson, Assistant Principal

Mr. Benson is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. He has spent 15 years working for QSD.  For 13 years, he was the 8th grade science teacher at QJH.  He then transferred to QUE as the Instructional Facilitator and now the Assistant Principal.

When asked why he chose to work at Quitman School District, Mr. Benson said, "I started my teaching career at QSD 15 years ago. I was immediately surrounded by great mentors and all of the resources I needed to develop my skills as an educator. Although I am not originally from here, QSD quickly became my home."

When asked about the most rewarding part of working for QSD, Mr. Benson boasted that QSD is full of talented educators and students and everyday he has an opportunity to work with amazing people. He says he can't imagine a more rewarding experience than that.

QUE mission statement

win the day graphicQuitman Upper Elementary consists of grades 3-5.  Their school motto is "Win the Day".  The students and staff work intentionally each day to achieve this goal through toughness, humility, and effort. Becuase of this, great things are happening at Quitman Upper Elementary!