Quitman School District People

Photo of Clara Campbell

Clara Campbell

Superintendent/School Board Secretary

Photo of Minnie Dace

Minnie Dace


Photo of Tracy Dearing

Tracy Dearing

Federal Programs Director

Photo of Kaye Glass

Kaye Glass

Assistant Finance Coordinator

Photo of Carrie Holloman

Carrie Holloman

Personnel / Federal Programs Secretary

Photo of Alicia Ivy

Alicia Ivy

Finance Bookkeeper/Receptionist

Photo of Angie Ledbetter

Angie Ledbetter

Public Relations Director

Photo of Santana Mayers

Santana Mayers

Parent Liaison

Photo of Elisa Mayo

Elisa Mayo

Finance Coordinator

Photo of Sonia Sticker

Sonia Sticker

Accounts Payable/Fixed Assets

Photo of Shevonda Truman

Shevonda Truman

Curriculum Coordinator

Photo of Tara Tucker

Tara Tucker

MSIS/SAM Coordinator | Alternative School Director