Students Take a Tour of To Kill a Mockingbird’s Setting


The English II classes from QHS took a trip back in time this past week when they traveled to Monroeville, Alabama to visit the historic Monroe County Courthouse (Museum).  The students recently finished reading the Pulitzer Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird and traveled to Monroeville to learn more about the town and the people on which Harper Lee based her novel.  The students toured the archives of the courthouse where they imagined Harper Lee’s father preparing for a case.  They sat in the courtroom where actual trials took place until 1966.  Tour guides shared information about the town and its residents while educating the students on actual people on which Harper Lee based the characters in her novel.  The students were introduced to a community leader who also serves as an actor each year in the play adaptation of the novel.  She shared information about how she and the rest of the cast have traveled to Scotland, London, and most recently Hong Kong to present To Kill a Mockingbird to foreign audiences.   “Miss Maudie” made an appearance and reminded the students of major events from the novel and showed the students the set outside the courthouse where the play is presented.   One tour guide even warned the students of a possible pick pocket wearing overalls and a white haired boy who liked to push people as they are walking down the stairs.  The guide later shared that these would have been things Harper Lee and Truman Capote did for fun in the courthouse when they were young.  The students, as well as the chaperones, came back to QHS with a better understanding of the novel and its author.  Several chaperones are making plans to return in the spring to attend the play.  The English II teachers and chaperones would like to thank Dr. Hawley and Mr. McDonald for making this trip possible and showing the children of our district that learning does not end in the classroom.

By Michelle Davis, QHS English Teacher


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