Jordan Simply Succeeding

Jordan poses in the hallway at the Stonewall campus of JCJC.

In just a little over a week, students, faculty, and staff at Quitman School District will enjoy a two-week break with their friends and families for the Christmas holidays. QHS senior Jordan is especially appreciating the time this year. He explains,

“It feels great to be a senior, but it feels like a lot of pressure too. You have to be ready for the real world after you graduate, and I think I’m well prepared for the real world. It’s just that I’m real close to my mom. If I work somewhere and I don’t get a chance to get off on the breaks, then I think I’ll miss my family the most.”

Jordan is preparing for a career as a welder and knows that many of the best paying jobs will more than likely involve extensive travel from a place he plans to always call home.

Jordan shows what he has learned in the welding center at the Stonewall, MS campus of JCJC.

Though Jordan is not excited about missing homecooked meals, he is glad he opted to take the welding class at Jones County Junior College’s Stonewall location. Through a partnership with QHS and the JCJC Petroleum Training Center, Jordan and his classmates have the opportunity to receive welding certifications along with their high school diplomas.

“Ever since I’ve been young I’ve wanted to travel the fifty states at least once. The opportunity came up, and I just decided to take it. I was thinking about doing it when I was young. My Dad used to weld. He would go off every few months. He was successful at it, and I think I can be too.”

JCJC welding instructor George Smith agrees. He considers Jordan to be one of his best students.

Jordan illustrates what he has learned at the Stonewall campus of JCJC.
Jordan illustrates what he has learned at the Stonewall campus of JCJC.

With the praise of his welding instructor, a strong academic record at QHS, and a girlfriend who makes him laugh, there is little doubt that this QHS senior feels like he is on the path to success.

Jordan poses in the welding center of the JCJC Stonewall campus.For those wondering what got him to where he is at, Jordan has some advice.

“Stay focused and do the work that the teacher gives you. You only get one chance at it. It ain’t even hard work a lot of the time.”


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