Panthers Work!


The Clarke County Career and Technology Center is proud to announce launch of the PANTHERS WORK! program.  This program is an employment referral service open to students at the CTC.  Our career and technology students are training in one of five career and technology courses, learning valuable skills that will allow them to succeed in their chosen fields after high school.  The goal of this program is to assist students in gaining real-world work experience through building reciprocal relationships with employers in our community.

How does the program work?  Students register with the CTC counselor and provide information on previous work experience, skills, and interests.  Students who obtain parent permission, are passing all classes, and have not been suspended from school are eligible for employment referral.  Businesses or individuals who have job openings may contact the CTC counselor, who will then refer a qualified student for the job.  The student will receive the employers contact information and a letter of recommendation from the CTC counselor.

What kinds of employment opportunities do we need?  Local businesses and individuals, as well, may request referrals for temporary, part-time, summer, or seasonal work.  For example, local grocery stores may use this service to find stockers, and a local homeowner may use the service to find a teenager to care for her lawn.  We encourage community members with weekend projects or short-term jobs to contact us, also.  Our students are ready to lend a hand.

How will the PANTHERS WORK! program benefit both students and the community?  Our students at the Clarke County Career and Technology Center are goal-oriented and career-minded.  We have a top-notch facility and instructors, and we have created a culture of work where students learn more than trade-related skills.  Our students have opportunities to observe and function in real work environments through clinical experiences and workplace observations.  We see the PANTHERS WORK! program as an opportunity to help our students sharpen their skills and their character as they gain work  experience.

The program will benefit our community by providing local businesses with motivated and responsible young people who are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work and learn.  Our local employers will have the chance to get to know and mentor young people in our community, and that kind of connection for both young and old is invaluable.  As we partner with the employers of this community to prepare these young men and women for the real-world of continuing education and the workplace, the Clarke County Career and Technology Center hopes to see them spread their wings to fly, and maybe, if we’ve invested in them well, return home to work and serve the community that we love.


For more information, contact the CTC Counselor, Dana Mayo, at 601-776-5219, or check out our webpage at

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