Katey’s Grit

Katey poses for a photo.

Katey dreams of one day living in a big house in Nashville.

“I want my own family, my own career, and I don’t want to struggle. I don’t want to have to wonder where I’m going to get my next meal or wonder where I’ll sleep or have to depend on anyone. I plan to be a pharmacist, a cosmetologist and a photographer. I’ll study pharmacy during the day at Jones (College). I’ll study cosmetology at night.”

The Quitman High School senior also works at a local grocery store, helps clean her family’s clinic and sometimes helps her sister clean the church. She is no stranger to work and people to rely on.


Katey poses with Mrs. Rivers.

This year Katey is signed up for College and Career Readiness with Coach Hines, College Algebra with Mr. Muthu, and Botany with Mrs. Hosey before she permits to her jobs in the afternoon. She smiles when she thinks about how important teachers at Quitman School District have been.

“I had Mrs. Rivers last year. It was like we could be going through something, and she would totally understand. She was more like a mother figure. She also helped with other things outside of schoolwork. She would know if we were struggling. I just love her personality. She is the kind of person you want to be around all the time.”

The FBLA, PantherReads, NTHS, NHS and NSHSS member considers herself fortunate when she thinks of the educators who have served as teachers, advisors and coaches in her life.

Katey poses with Mrs. Alford.

“Getting a job has taught me to be independent and respectful. It’s taught me to be social with people. Once I put my mind to something, I am determined to do it. I feel like I’ve discovered that in school. Sometimes it just takes a little guidance for me to figure out what I gotta do. I would rather learn traditionally, but I don’t have a problem learning through distance.”


Katey looks through a microscope in the science lab.

Now Katy is focused and determined on completing her college applications, including her FAFSA and housing, as well as taking the ACT test three more times before February of 2021. She also makes time to advise those underclassmen who may be seeking guidance.

“Always listen to your teachers. Turn your work in on time. Do your best on everything. Stay determined and willing to do what it takes to graduate.”


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