Reading is Our Superpower

QLE student stands in line waiting on the fun run.Back in 2014 Forbes website asked it’s readers, “If you were given the choice of two special powers, which would you prefer? A. The Ability to Fly or B. The Power to be Invisible.” It was a silly question but supposedly one that would provide psychological insights into the person answering. Now in November of 2017 people of all ages throughout Panther Nation have declared that reading is their superpower. Almost as if they found the genie in the bottle and asked for their third wish to be three more wishes, Panthers knew that reading could take them to great HEIGHTS or help them HIDE from the world around them.

A QLE student competes in the fun run.

And if anyone were to write a story about a community so determined to have the most all encompassing superpower in the world, they would have to start with how those people decided that together they would read one book.

A QLE student competes in the fun run.

But they wouldn’t only read that book. They would discuss it, build projects around it, create art inspired by it, compete over their knowledge of it, and celebrate it.

A QLE student runs in the QLE Fun Run.They would make t-shirts and wear them, prepare dishes in honor of it, and pose for photos with the book.

A QLE student stands in line waiting to participate in the QLE Fun Run.

Why would they do all of that? Because they knew and they wanted everyone to know…

A QLE student participates in the QLE Fun Run.

…that reading can take anyone anywhere they want to go. They can travel to different universes or simply go to the beach. They can live underwater or solve the world’s greatest mystery.

QLE students dress up as superheroes and play during the QLE Fun Run.

They can go back in time or fast forward to the future. And if the truth were told, then the future would be why those in the Panther community began an annual read. It makes sense. If given the choice of one special superpower to give their future, Panthers everywhere chose the greatest one of them all.QLE student poses with a book.

They chose reading. That’s at least one of the reasons we love being part of the Panther community.

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