Jacob Doing Jacob

Jacob just finished his last year of Panther Baseball.

Jacob and Tyler started venturing out into the world without their parents at the same daycare, and in August of this year both boys plan to room together at Mississippi State University. Though Jacob admits he doesn’t necessarily like school, he explains,

“My mama always told me, ‘I don’t care if you’re digging ditches for the rest of your life, but you will have a four year degree.'”



Jacob laughs, “It’s good to get finished with high school. I’m just not big into school, but I am going into electrical engineering because that seems fun. I think it’s interesting how everything works. I’ve been on several mission trips to Honduras where some places didn’t have power. I think it would be a cool job to bring them power. Plus, there are so many opportunities with everything about technology now.”

The Panther Baseball starting catcher and Panther Football middle linebacker understands bringing energy, power, and commitment to a team and a game. Now he will focus those skills on a bachelor of science in electrical engineering.

Jacob prepares to catch for a Panther Baseball game.

Photograph courtesy of June Williams

Jacob played his last year of Panther Football this year.

Photograph courtesy of Pam Parker

The QHS senior is also a member of the school’s FCA, Beta Club, and National Honor Society, and he has plans for extracurricular activities in Starkville.

“I got on the WTOK All Scholastics Sports Team, and I was selected for All State in football. I’ll definitely be going to baseball and football games, and I’ll probably play on some intramural teams, but I think the Bass Fishing Team would be great. Plus, I consider myself pretty talented at Ultimate Frisbee.”

Balancing competitive bass fishing and ultimate frisbee with a workload which includes a curriculum in digital devices, circuits and electronics, electromagnetic field theory, and modern energy conversion within which he will be expected to maintain an overall C average, should not be a problem for a young man entering college with fourteen hours of college credit that he earned in high school and a ranking of 5 out of 121 in a highly competitive senior class.

Jacob poses for a photo with a favorite teacher.
Jacob poses with Coach Bynum and Coach Boone.

With the help of his teachers and coaches Jacob has been successfully balancing the life of a scholar athlete. For those seeking advice to live the same type of life, Jacob doesn’t mind saying,

“Don’t worry about what other people think. If you worry about what other people think, then you are going to be trying to impress too many people. You do you, boo. In the words of Trevor Reynolds, ‘Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate.'”

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