Te’Alexis On the Way Out

T'Alexis poses for a photo.

Te’Alexis stands in front of the artwork in the QHS cafeteria. Before now she has not noticed the 2018 – 2019 Panther Art Club’s 6′ by 3′ wood display. She admits while studying the signatures at the bottom, “She and I are friends. How did I not know she was doing this?”

It could be that Te’Alexis is too busy to notice. She explains, “I’m hoping to get in more clubs this year. I don’t do any sports. I want to do something. Get out of the house and do more stuff. I’m excited. Usually I don’t like coming to school, but this year I’m ready to come to school everyday. I’m looking for a job.”


T'Alexis poses for a photo.

With College English Comp I, Anatomy & Physiology, and Algebra II on her first semester schedule, Te’Alexis is confident that her classes are the best choices she can make for the career she is planning.

“I want to go to boot camp. I want to be a nurse in the Navy. Before my grandmother passed I would watch how the nurses took care of her. I’ve been wanting to be a nurse for a while. Just recently I started studying navy nurses. I talked to a Navy recruiter in Meridian two weeks ago. I want to go to college in Florida because it’s always sunny. I’ve been looking at colleges in Florida. We lived there for a while. We move a lot, but I feel like my whole life we’ve been living in the city. I’m from New Jersey so I’m use to the city.”


T'Alexis poses for a photograph.

When asked how she envisions her life ten years from now, Te’Alexis smiles and says, “If I’m in Florida for a long time, I might want to move there. I’d stay in either Miami or Orlando. I’ll be single in a small apartment in a good neighborhood. I’d probably have a little puppy and take a cooking class.”


T'Alexis poses for a photograph.

Photograph courtesy of Te’Alexis

For those students like Te’Alexis who like big cities and the potential of good job security, the QHS senior does have some advice.

“Don’t let any other kids get to you. Their opinions don’t matter. Just focus on getting out of here.”

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