Tyshun Savoring His Senior Year

Tyshun stands with his coworkers/classmates at the local grocery store where he works after school.Visit Tyshun at work and you get the impression he is surrounded by good friends. Fellow QHS seniors begin clocking into Southern Market after school. One is training a new employee while two others are operating cash registers, but all three are more than willing to quickly pose for a photograph with their classmate. And he pauses for the moment before bagging the next customer’s groceries.

Tyshun began the part-time job in June of 2016 and says of the experience,

“Meeting people is the part I like. Last week we had evacuees from Florida, and it was great getting to meet them.”

Of course, it’s also great that Southern Market allows for their part-time employees to work varied schedules, because this is a busy season for a member of The Big Blue Crew.

Tyshun practices with the drum line after school.

Three afternoons a week Tyshun is scheduled to practice for the Friday night show, and each week the drum line adds more complexity to their performance.

Tyshun practices with the Big Blue Crew's drum line after school.This year is more complex than the young man, who started drumming on his mama’s pots and pans when he was only two years old, says that it has ever been. The QHS senior explains,

“It’s harder this year. When I tried out for band in 5th grade I knew I had the drums when they gave me the test. I thought, ‘Man, this is easy.'”

Seven years of practices, performances, concerts, and rehearsals later, the drummer is hoping that his lifelong passion will help pay for college and challenge him even more.

“I’m thinking either UWA or Gulf Coast Community College because I think I want to be a physical therapist. I know it’s very competitive. I think I’ll get my degree in either physical science or exercise science. Then I’ll either go to William Carey University or the University of Mississippi Medical Center to be a physical therapist. That’s what I’ve been thinking ever since my mom had knee surgery last year. I saw all the treatment she was getting, and I became interested.”

Tyshun stands in the hallway at Quitman High School.

If becoming interested is what got this young man into drumming and Student Council and FFA, then one can only assume he will put the same effort into his college studies and will one day be the one helping a patient get back on her feet after knee surgery. No matter what happens after he walks across the stage on Panther Field in May of 2018, anyone who knows Tyshun is assured he will be enjoying it.

Tyshun with fellow drummer during the 2016-2017 Big Blue Crew marching season.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Reeves Photography

When asked if he has any advice for those friends who will still be at Quitman High School next year, the guy with the brilliant smile pauses and considers his answer. Then he replies,

“Don’t rush it. It goes too quickly. Stay positive. Don’t get entangled with the wrong people. Have your own mindset. Have fun and live each day to the fullest. Savor every moment.”

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