Team Allie

Mrs. Hines' theatre students pose for a photo.

“You know that picture with Harleigh and all of us in theater? I want to use that one. Theater is what made me figure out who I was. Theater opened me up on a new level. And chorus, too. Mr. Daniels. He pushed all of us to be the best we can be and give us life lessons and lectures. I love when Mr. Daniels talks.”

The tall, svelte, artsy Allie is collaborating on her senior spotlight and confidently giving instructions on both the visuals and the copy. The project feeds her artistic nature and provides an outlet for her intense focus.

“The thing about chorus is that you blend. I didn’t start singing soloist till 2013. My sister can sing sing, and I thought I could sing but Ellie said, ‘You can sing some but not like me.'” Allie smiles.


Allie poses with her family.

Ellie is just one of Allie’s sisters in a family filled with the same smiles it seems.

“Family is something that is extremely important to me. They push me to do my very best in all that I do. I’ve always stressed about school, and my older brother, Bamm, would come in and ask what’s wrong. Eventually, I’d tell him its something about school and my grades, and he would say, ‘Girl, Listen.’ Once he says that I know that I might as well forget about what was stressing me out, and focus on the positive side of things. Without my family, I wouldn’t be as strong and determined as I am.”

Strong and determined could be words to describe some of the fourth grade students she met this week.


Allie visits Mrs. Johnson's 4th grade classroom.

Allie visited her former teacher, Mrs. Robin Johnson, at Quitman Upper Elementary. She wanted to take a photo with her and let her know what an inspiration she had been. Allie explained to both Johnson and her students,

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade. One day I was sitting in Mrs. Johnson’s class, and she was teaching math. I was just staring at what she was doing, what she was wearing, her shoes, just everything about her. That’s when I would go home, and Ellie and I would be teachers.”

Now the Chorus, Drama, and Debate Club member, who is also in Beta Club, the National Honor Society, Art Club, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and serves as a reporter on the Student Council, is focused on where she will be getting her bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

“I’ll graduate with 10 college credit hours, and I’m either taking those to Millsaps, or the W. I want to feel really confident when I make this decision. I love Millsaps. I liked the vibe there when I visited. When I tour the W, I’m going to make this decision. I’m planning on going by the end of February.”


Allie poses for a selfie.


When Allie spoke to Mrs. Johnson’s students she said,

“I see how excited you are. That’s how excited I was about learning. Don’t procrastinate. Let your teachers help you. You may think you know what’s going on, but you really don’t. Have fun because it’s going to go by really, really fast.”


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