Ms. Taylor’s 5th Grade Math

There are many things that Ms. Taylor loves about teaching fifth grade at Quitman Upper Elementary, but there is nothing that comes close to how she feels about her students.

“I have taught 5th grade the whole time I have been teaching here. I love it, but my favorite thing, the thing I love most about these kids, is that they’re so funny. The humor is great at this age. We get each other’s sense of humor.”
AH6A2919 (1)If it’s been a while since you walked into a classroom, Ms. Davis’ room is not what you AH6A3001expect to see. Fifth grade math is not what it used to be, and even Ms. Taylor, a 2003 graduate of Quitman High School, explains that the students are studying material which wasn’t introduced to her till she was in seventh grade. The standards are more rigorous, and expectations have increased. This is at least part of the reason that Quitman School District has chosen one math curriculum to cover grades K-8. A consistent curriculum is more apt to ease a student’s transition to another grade or school. The one QSD is using is called Eureka, and parents will be introduced to it’s concepts more at Parent Academy and next week’s Open House at QUE.
AH6A2985Ms. Taylor now teaches in a classroom where she spent her third grade year as a student. She explains, “I always knew I was supposed to teach, but I tried a million different things until I had a wakeup call and knew I wasn’t happy and knew I was supposed to be teaching.”

“We have incredible kids here at Quitman, and I think because I am from Quitman it is my heart’s desire for these children to do well and excel. Many of the kids I teach today are children of my classmates when I was in school here.”AH6A3106Taylor is determined to make sure her students have every possible chance to live out their potential. She says that she continues to remember one of her earliest lessons.

“My first principal told me that if the kids know you love them and they like you, they will achieve for you.”

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