Julian Leading

Julian poses with his fellow classmates.

Julian has posed and not posed for so many photos throughout his four years at Quitman High School, and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t recognize the third eldest of his parents’ six children. He is what his elders would have possibly called a hoot. Always smiling, always performing, always making people laugh because, as Julian says,

“I think attitudes are contagious. We are not here only for ourselves. We are here for our teams and our communities. It starts with leadership, and Dr. Savage believes that we can. I believe it, too.”

When asked what it felt like to be the guy asked to grab a megaphone, take to the Panther Pep Rally gym floor, and lead the students in a rally for a spirit stick, he replies,

“I tried to motivate the entire student body. There was no problem with the freshmen and sophomores. The older ones didn’t want to show any energy because they are scared. I wanted them to know that this is a time of spirit. The first time I did it I was so scared. I was judging myself before I even did it. The freshman blew me out of the water. They passed that energy onto me. Emotions are contagious. That’s why I try to be happy and positive around people. We all get terrified. We’re all human.”

Julian stands with his fellow FBLA members.

For Julian, believing means maintaining scholar status while being an active leader in the Big Blue Crew, FBLA, NHS, Student Council, Beta Club, the Quiz Bowl team, Mu Alpha Theta, the Speech and Debate team, and Panther Tennis. He is also a starter for and an avid supporter of Panther Soccer.

“I thought of myself as a leader when I was a kindergartner. I got student of the month. I led my class to the cafeteria for lunch. Even then I thought we’re going to be successful because of this. I enjoy doing that type of thing.”

Anyone fortunate enough to sit down and talk with this energetic and successful QHS leader will soon realize where the young man’s joy began.

Julian poses at QHS Senior Night with his family.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

“It all started with my grandmother, Ms. Maudie Guerin. She is where I got my voice from. She always speaks her mind. She always says what she needs to say. I admire her. In my family we can get into arguments about heated topics around the dinner table. I listen for ideas that they have. I can identify and analyze things and find flaws in it. It’s not easy. It’s so interesting to me, and I love doing it. I wouldn’t trade that ability I have for anything.”

That ability and family support will help to ensure Julian’s future successes at The University of Mississippi where he plans to enter in August of 2019 with 15 dual credit hours from William Carey University and Quitman High School.

“I’m looking at going to school in their 3 + 3 Integrated Marketing Communication Law Program. It sounds interesting to me, and I do want to be an attorney. I love to argue and debate. I’m still waiting to see if I am going to get the Lucky Day Scholarship. I know I have the Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship.”

Julian stands with fellow Big Blue Crew members.

Photograph courtesy of Julian

The proud Panther considers the opportunities and the friends who have turned into family when he gives advice to his younger brothers and sisters.

“Grow. Put yourself out there. Don’t be scared of what people have to think about you.”

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