The Big Event: A Review


Future filmakers? Movie critics? We don’t know yet, but we want to ensure they live to their full potential.
Reading will be necessary in their endeavors.

It’s early, but within forty-five minutes both the Quitman Upper Elementary Gymnatorium and the Quitman High School Auditorium will seat approximately 1,000 people. Volunteers are ready. Most of these individuals have spent the last month ensuring the area’s residents were aware of One District, One Book. As far as anyone can tell Quitman is the only community in the state which has ever tried such a feat. Early reports are having an entire community read a single book in a specified time frame was a great idea for a small town in Mississippi.

The book was Trumpet of the Swan, and tonight students,bigevent2 parents, faculty, staff, civic leaders, business owners, grandparents, little brothers and sisters and the list goes on and on of the people who will take a seat in one of the two venues. They will watch a movie, listen to the new and stellar Quitman High School Jazz Band as well as take in a ballet performed by Emily Owens, QHS Senior and 2014 Clarke County Distinguished Young Woman. They will be served popcorn by student volunteers and notice decorations created by student artists.



bigevent3Two hours later the crowds are in their cars and headed home. Photos from the evening’s events are uploaded, and one can’t help but note that the very people who were targeted to benefit from such a program as One District, One Book were the ones who put on the show.


The reviews of the Big Event are now in: Quitman School District is overwhelmed by the community support it received and the hard work of it’s faculty and students. 



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