Mrs. Kelly and Lowe’s Bringing Outdoor Chess to Quitman

Lowe’s donates up to $5 million in educational grants to as many as 1,000 public schools per school year. Just recently they awarded a $5,000 grant each to three public schools in the United States. They had over 1,500 applications for one of the three grants, and today they showed up to celebrate at Quitman’s own Trail of Champions.

Lowe's and QSD SWAT have a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new outdoor chess tables at the Trail of Champions.

SWAT teacher Chrissy Kelly explains, “We received $4,320 to purchase four outdoor chess tables to have available for students as well as people in the community who would like to use them. We’re calling it our outdoor chess classroom, and the children are so excited to play.”

A Lowe's employee sits with SWAT students as they prepare to play chess.

If today’s response was an indication on the return of Lowe’s Toolbox for Education investment, it would be safe to assume that their money was well spent.

A Lowe's employee looks on as SWAT students play a game of chess.

Both 2nd grade and 6th grade SWAT classes immediately gathered around the sturdy tables. They needed no prompting to start playing.

SWAT students play chess on their new outdoor tables.

And one look at these kids’ faces will let you know how serious they take this game.

SWAT students play chess on their new outdoor table.

If they ever look up from the table, they’ll notice the beautiful scenery.

SWAT students play chess on their new outdoor table.

How could they ever show their appreciation to a company so willing to invest in their education?

SWAT students pose with Lowe's employees to say thank you for their outdoor chess tables.

Mrs. Kelly had a suggestion. She hopes that everyone enjoys the upcoming spring weather by learning to play chess. The tables are already there. You just need a friend and a set of chess pieces.

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