brittanyBrittany is one of those students you meet and think, Wow. I wish we could keep that kind of  talent and energy here in our community. She assures us that she will think us of fondly, visit as often as she is able and send great things our way, but this young, vibrant lady has the entire world in her sights. Her plan is to learn multiple languages and major in broadcast journalism via the University of Mississippi.

You have to give Rebel recruiting a “Bravo” for selecting Brittany as one of their twenty-three participants among thousands of applicants in the 2014 Trent Lott Institute for High School Students. She explains, “It was a rigorous application process. I had to write five essays giving my political views and personal opinions. I had to ask teachers to write recommendations for me,” Brittany talks with her hands and her eyes as much as any words she uses. “But I did! I did, and they accepted me! And I didn’t know where I was going to go to college until I spent a month there and got credit for Speech and Introduction to Political Science and was exposed to all kinds of different people who are academically focused. I knew then the University of Mississippi was for me.”

What you want to tell her after the first fifteen minutes of the interview is that you’ll write a recommendation for her. Her attitude is contagious, and as much as it would be great to keep the Drum Major to the Big Blue Crew and the President of the Senior Class and an active member to the National Honor Society, the National Society of High School Scholars, Mu Alpha Theta, FBLA and the Beta Club while she also holds down a part-time job and maintains excellent grades you know you can only cheer her on.

When we ask what she considers the key ingredients to such successful high school years Brittany doesn’t hesitate before she explains, “Expectations at home are really high. I’ve had some great teachers here. It’s always been preached to us (her senior class) that we can do anything. When I visited the University of Mississippi last summer I began to see that.”

Her advice to those who will be in high school next year sounds more like a creed she has memorized. She doesn’t hesitate when she answers, “I will miss them. I will tell them what State Auditor Stacey Pickering once told me. He said, ‘Find people you admire and be like them.’ If there are young people who you think are successful at something, either in school or with their income, try to figure out what they are doing and do it yourself. It is what I have done. When I was in eighth grade I watched the Big Blue Crew’s Drum Majors and knew I wanted to be like them one day so I began and I worked at it until I had it. I will also tell them that senioritis is a real disease, and they better get a head start on scholarships. College is really expensive so get out there and compare and apply for opportunities. Get a part-time job, learn time management because you’ll need it. Most of all I think I’d say, Enjoy this time in your life!”

No doubt Brittany will be enjoying her life, and we will hold her to the promise that she will think us of fondly, visit as often as she is able and send great things our way. For our part we’ll always be at the ready if she needs a recommendation.

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