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The Drive of Mercedez

Mercedez is a member of FCCLA, the Beta Club, FBLA, and the National Technical Honor Society.

It is the classic example of how one’s greatest strength can also represent their Achilles’ heel. The same drive which pushes Mercedez to have all the success she has had in her life will be an asset in her goal of becoming a lawyer. Those who sit down and talk with her leave the conversation with an assuredness that this QHS senior will not only one day be a successful family and divorce attorney, but she will also be a creative problem solver who concerns herself with society’s bigger challenges. The weight of the world on such a petite frame can lead to complications. Along with her studies, Mercedez explains something else she has been working on in high school.

Mercedez is a mentor to Mrs. Tucker’s fifth grade class at Quitman Upper Elementary.

“I am a perfectionist. I always have been. Both my mom and Mrs. Parnell tell me that I need to enjoy my youth, too. I have to remind myself not to stress too much, but I know I need to stay focused. I have 

no regrets, but I have developed new ways to approach situations. I am who I am, at least in part, because of the experience I have had here.

I think we are all trying to achieve our goals, and we’re driven to what our passion is. I don’t want anything to hold me back.”

Mercedez transferred to QHS at the beginning of her 10th grade year. She has glowing recommendations of the school and it’s teachers. “I love Mrs. Parnell, and I can’t say enough about what a great teacher and mentor she is. I love this place. It’s warm and welcoming. They all really show that they appreciate what you do.”

She speaks with a confidence and determination anyone would expect from a Fortune 500 CEO, but there is a tenderness weaved into the conversation as she describes what she wants to do.

Mercedez recommends the Early Childhood Education classes at the Career Tech Center for anyone wanting to work with children one day.

“My mom is a nurse, and she is one of the most caring people in the world. She is always trying to help anybody in any way she can. I have the same heart for people as she does, but I won’t go into nursing. I will be helping people who don’t know how to speak up for themselves. Mainly I will be focusing on the youth and the homeless. In order to do that I will be getting my undergraduate degree in social work from either The University of Southern Mississippi or Tougaloo College. Then I plan to go to law school at Mississippi College. Of course, I always have a Plan B. I am a big planner. If I don’t get into law school, I will just get my master’s in social work, obtain my LCSW and develop a practice where I can do counseling. But no matter what I will form a foundation for the homeless.”

Before Mercedez takes the next step to obtaining the goals she has set for herself, she does offer at least one question to those who may be wanting the success she has seen.

“If you aspire for greatness, you need to determine what you want to sacrifice. What’s more important to you? I’m all about my schoolwork. What are you willing to give up?”



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