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Creating with Samantha Tucker at CCCTC

It’s Pasta Day in Mrs. Tucker’s room, and we showed up to see why so many say that Samantha Tucker is exactly where she is supposed to be. The photos don’t do justice to how necessary and interesting her class is, but her coworkers have a few things to say about the chef turned teacher who is teaching her students how to make pasta today.

A culinary student makes pasta.

“Samantha has a get-it-done style of work ethic. She speaks her mind very little and is task oriented. At the same time, she is very friendly and goes above and beyond when asked to provide a meal at the Center or help out in anyway. Her working relationship with her students is evident at any event she is asked to cater. She is a true asset to the Career Center.”
Mr. Miller


“Great FCCLA advisor partner for me! Kind to colleagues and students. VERY smart. Team player. Hard worker. Overall a fantastic person and teacher.”
Mrs. Tara Tucker

Culinary students make pasta.

“She teaches by modeling best practices in culinary with her students. Her teaching methods encourage students to learn by doing and doing it in the best way possible.”
Mrs. Martin

Culinary students make pasta.

“That girl! She is in her element when she is in that kitchen. She is a fantastic teacher, and she is a fantastic chef. She blends the two seamlessly as she leads her students through lab experiences, including catering experiences. She demonstrates for her students a passion for her subject. Samantha is the one who always steps up when needed. Cater a meal for 50 members of the Chamber of Commerce? She just nods with a smile. We are so very lucky to have her on our team!”
Mrs. Mayo

Culinary students make pasta.

“Have you seen her work? She is one of the hardest workers. Picture that person that can work circles around everyone and that is Samantha. She does it all without ever complaining. She is a wonderful chef and a fantastic teacher. She cares for each one of her students and their success. We are so fortunate to have her here.”
Mrs. Rivers

A culinary student browns meat.

“Each person was handed a ballot with ten different categories listed on it. Samantha won the majority of categories therefore winning Teacher of the Year. However, it could not have gone to a more deserving teacher. She has great test scores, great classroom management, and is a phenomenal teacher. When you walk in her classroom on a lab day and students are grouped in pairs creating different items, and Samantha is calmly walking around helping everyone not getting upset or showing everyone that she is stressed is just amazing. Most people would be freaking out in that environment. In addition, she does anything that gets thrown on her without being negative. She is a positive person who is a team player and I am grateful to have her at the Career Center.
Mrs. Dearing

Mrs. Tucker stands proudly in her Culinary Arts classroom.

“Samantha Tucker is the definition of AMAZING!”
Miss Harlan

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