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Quitman School District Announces the 2020 – 2021 Community Book Read

Spoiler Alert: You are a coffee bean. You have everything you need to transform your environment. All that transformation comes from within you. That’s the teaching which authors Jon Gordon and Damon West have illustrated in their fable The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change.

This is the book for the 2020 - 2021 Community Read.

That simple lesson has now found it’s way into the center of Quitman School District’s 8th annual Community Book Read. This is a federally funded project with three goals.

(1) Building a love of reading, one book at a time and continuing to involve our community in an event which supports literacy and school partnerships.

(2) Continue Leader in Me by teaching and modeling the use of the 7 Habits.

(3) Increase parental engagement by partnering with our parents.

This is a graphic for the 2020 QSD Community Read.

Artwork for t-shirts provided by Yellow Dog Print Company.

On Monday, November 16th community business partners joined organizers in the Quitman Junior High Library to learn more about the book and the support they can give to the project. Listen as the Clarke County Baptist Association’s mission director Bob Purvis explained how he felt about the next community read.

QHS Junior Nya Nobles read the book and suggested, “I think The Coffee Bean is a great way to think about life. You don’t want to be a carrot and become softened by your environment. You also don’t want to be an egg and be hardened by your environment. You want to be a coffee bean so you can change your environment from the inside-out.”

Nya holds up a book for the community book read.

For all those wanting to know how they can be involved, Federal Programs Director Dr. Minnie Dace and Curriculum, PD, Testing and Textbook Coordinator Dr. Shevonda Truman are hoping you will read the book and spread the message.

This is a graphic of The Coffee Bean book.

They also provided a list of upcoming events:

November 30th – T-shirt sales will begin. In order to spread the word, they hope everyone wears their #bethebean t-shirt every Thursday.
January 6th – Books, banners, and yard signs will be distributed in the schools and the community.
January 11th – 22nd – Schools will begin activities centered around the reading of the book.

January 25th Damon West will be coming to speak with our students and sign books! That evening we will have our Community Book Read Showcase!

This is a graphic for the 2020 community book read.

Artwork for t-shirts provided by Yellow Dog Print Company.

HERE Quitman High School freshman Raleigh Taylor explained how timely the book’s message seems.

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