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4th Grade SWAT Ready for the Airwaves

Ms. Fisher’s fourth grade SWAT class had already discussed where they would place their towers. They have long since drawn out the plans for their station, decided who would be station manager, and interviewed for positions such as D.J., salesperson, sound engineer, and program director. They have even produced their own commercials, but not until today did they meet “real, live” people who work radio for a living.

Today the class was visited by Q101’s program director Lee and D.J. Ryan.

The students had plenty of questions for the professionals, and Lee and Ryan never failed to have thorough answers.
Have these fourth graders decided to work in radio one day?We don’t know, but we do know they will be better informed on the many career options they have.Or at the very least they will know how the music gets from Q101 to their radio every morning and afternoon.Many thanks go out to Lee and Ryan. The students loved their visit.

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