Quitman Lower Elementary and Quitman Junior High SWAT students had to break into a locked box by solving clues, including technology-based clues. The students gathered into small groups, and each group was challenged to unlock a compass lock, a 4-digit number lock, a 3-digit number lock, a letter lock, and a key lock.

The activity promoted collaboration and team building, developed problem-solving and critical thinking skills, enhanced communication skills, challenged players to persevere, built inference skills, and provided an opportunity for students to learn to work under pressure.

The student-centered, inquiry-based learning was a huge success. This paticular breakout box was titled- “Star Wars: Attack of the Locks”. QUE and QJH SWAT students will participate in Breakout Boxes monthly. Each month will focus on a new theme and a new unique set of clues.

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Article and photos by Chrissy Kelly.