Voting at QJH

Quitman School District students stand for the pledge every morning.

Students throughout Quitman School District are led in the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, but today the sixth graders at Quitman Junior High, like registered voters throughout Clarke County, are also practicing the responsibility of voting. They have learned in their social studies class that fulfilling responsibilities is an important part of being a citizen, so these students are voting on a book they have been reading.

A student reads Flora & Ulysses.Flora & Ulysses is the book chosen for their community’s One District, One Book reading project. Every family of a Quitman School District student received a free book to read. Yard signs now dot the streets and highways, posters hang in business windows, and in classrooms, as well as homes, people are reading Kate DiCamillo’s book. The question posed to these young minds is this:

Would you recommend Flora & Ulysses to another school to use for their community reading project? Yes or NoA student holds a ballot asking the question, "Do you recommend Flora & Ulysses to another school for a community read?"With voter registration, poll workers, an identification requirement, and a ballot box, students are put through a simulation which is very close to what their parents are doing.

6th grade students stand in line showing their identification as part of the voting process.Today they are voting in social studies class. Tomorrow they will analyze the results in math class and act as the election commission, and Thursday students will report on their findings in English class. A student casts his vote in the QJH ballot box.

QJH’s assistant principal Mrs. Schrimpshire explains,

“Integrating these activities brings to life the lessons we want our students to take away from school each day. These students will be able to connect their learning in the classroom with the things they are seeing and hearing about on the news tonight. This will help students better understand and retain the academic standards being taught at QJH.”