Bailey on Being Good

Bailey poses for her senior photographs.

It was only two years ago but Bailey now admits that she was jealous of the 2016 QHS graduating class. Her best friend graduated that year, and Bailey says,

“I’m ready to leave, but I don’t know. I mean I’m ready. I just don’t want to go away from home. I am more of a homebody. I’m going to Jones, and I’m going to live there. Lexie and I are going to room together. I do kinda want to get away for a little bit. I want to spend some weekends away, but I don’t want to grow up. Growing up means responsibilities, having to do stuff on your own, having to take care of yourself,  and not having your parents behind you and helping you.”

Bailey poses for her senior photograph.

The only photo here not taken by Bailey’s sister is this one taken by the girls’ dad.

When asked if there is a good side to growing up, the QHS senior laughs. Then quickly says,

“You get to experience stuff, learn new things, and start a life of your own. I want to make good money, but I have no idea what I’m going to do. My mom wants me to go to veterinarian school. But I kind of want to do what Bethany is doing. It’s journalism, and I talked with Mrs. Atwood (JCJC’s Adviser to the student newspaper) the other day about doing the newspaper or the yearbook. But then I kinda want to do astronomy. I just don’t know what I want to do. I’m scared that when I decide a major I’m going to be stuck in something I don’t like.”

Bethany is Bailey’s best friend, her sister, the photographer who took the photos featured here, and the current editor at The Radionion. As Bailey heads to JCJC, her sister, Bethany, will move to Hattiesburg in order to further her education at The University of Southern Mississippi. Both young ladies know what’s it’s like to go to a new school. Bailey explains,

“I came here in 6th grade from Pachuta Christian Academy. It was different. There everyone from every class was in the same room, and switching classes was different when I came here. There we went at our own speed and got personalized help. My mom worked there and we had these little flags we would raise when we had a question. Here I got to get out and meet people who weren’t exactly like me. It’s been good.”

Bailey poses for her senior photograph.

Bailey might be uncertain about the career she will choose. However, people who know the Panther Yearbook staff member, Panther Tennis player, FCA member, Beta Club member, and honor student know that she will find some good wherever she goes and in whatever she chooses to do.

Bailey poses for her senior photograph.

The reason for that could be found in the advice she gives to other students.

“You can work through whatever happens. Always try your best.”