Flyer for Harlem Wizards game this Saturday, January 6th at 6:00 p.m.

Come watch as Lady Magic Ivey, The Hammer Hampton, Rambling Roberts, Triple O.G. Giles, Dynamite Davis, and High Top Finney take the ball to the net against the Harlem Wizards.

QUE Jjammers pose for a team photo.

Don’t miss the fast breaks of Speedy Barrett, The Coach Russell, Bumble B Benson, Hi C Cochran, Mad Dog Means, Lil Moseley, and Coach T Tucker.

QJH Jjammers pose for a team photo.

Tweedle D Myrick, Drop the Hammer Harris, Tweedle Dumb Odom, and Slo Mo Coco Thomas will be taking shots and boxing out like nothing you’ve ever seen.

QLE Jjammers pose for a photo.

The game will be good, and all eyes will be on scorers such as 41 Savage, Bald Headed Nutt Coleman, 1st Sarge Nance, Stone Cold Bynum, Walking Dead Jordan, and Kiki West Westerfield.

Coach Coleman poses on the QHS basketball court.

Not that the Quitman Jjammers will need it, but there will be some Panther Alumni there as well. The team will be complete when Sure Shot Peters, Nookie Mays, JD Avery, Tator McKines, Dread Head Stanley, Big Shot Joe Howze strut into the gym. You don’t want to miss it!