The Math of Mu Alpha Theta

Mu Alpha Theta member holds up her 2017-2018 membership card.

“You want to know how to rhyme, then learn how to add. It’s mathematics.”
Mos Def

The Mu Alpha Theta members at Quitman High School have done more than learn how to add. They have found solutions, sought out patterns, measured, and calculated. They have opted for challenging math courses, studied, asked questions, and developed a means of truly understanding the many facets of a problem as they solve it. All the while they have maintained at least an “85” average in their math classes at QHS.

Yesterday they gathered in the Quitman High School library to have an induction ceremony for their members.

Mu Alpha Theta members gather in the QHS Library for the induction ceremony.

At 34 members strong, the QHS Mu Alpha Theta will travel to the Mississippi School of Math and Science on March 1st and join over 500 Mississippi high school students as they compete in Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

Mu Alpha Theta president and vice-president hand out certificates and cards to members.

These students also have the opportunity to apply for Mu Alpha Theta scholarships. Mu Alpha Theta and their Educational Foundation award $4,000 scholarships to members every year. Any graduating high school senior or two-year college student who is an active member of a current Mu Alpha Theta chapter is eligible. Each chapter may submit applications for up to two members, at the chapter sponsor’s discretion. Also, there are four $5,000 scholarships which will be awarded to the top candidates.

Mu Alpha Theta president holds his last certificate as a QHS senior Mu Alpha Theta member.

Scholarships, summer grants, student awards, conventions, competitions, leadership opportunities, and information about careers in mathematics are just some of the resources of which QHS Mu Alpha Theta members can take advantage.

Mu Alpha Theta members pose for a group photo.

That may be why they have such great smiles on their faces. 2017 – 2018 QHS Mu Alpha Theta Club members are Miracle Smith, Tyrikus Hayes, Scottie Sutton, Aria Johnson, Kara Beth Kuntz, Vaneashia Clarke, Jennifer Adee, Clancy Slay, Shemiah Smith, Heaven Ethridge, Julian Noel, Jacy Waltman, Logan Kelly, Jacob Irby, Latrell Hatten, Amiya Watts, Baylee McDaniel, Adam Berry, Eryce Allen, Tyler Glass, Natalie Pearson, Dexter James, Abbie Roberts, Lauren Collins, Dixie Davidson, Taylor Harris, Kendal James, Marly Johns, Sayjah Jones, Levi Myrick, Dixie Pinkerton, CeCe Whigham, and Chad Williams.

Mu Alpha Theta sponsor is Mrs. Shaw.