Career Tech’s Elegant Evening with a Lesson by Lynnita Bartee

Culinary arts class is preparing the salads for the CTE Completion Ceremony.

The Culinary Arts I students are particular. The salad starter must be plated in the way they studied and rehearsed. If it doesn’t look exactly like the one next to it, they’ll have to correct it. This is an exceptional evening. They are planning a meal for the students they plan to be next year.

This is the Career Tech Center’s Completion Ceremony. Those spotlighted tonight are greeted at the door with soft music, a candle lit room, and faces they recognize from the last two years of school.

Career Tech faculty and staff greet Career Students at the door.

Their faces are recognizable as well.

Broadcasting students enjoy a meal together.

Early childhood education II students enjoy a meal together.Culinary Arts II students enjoy a meal together.

Health science II students enjoy a meal together.

Forestry II students enjoy a meal together.

Culinary Arts II students enjoy a meal together.

And these faces are in for a treat, a “real life” talk by retired United States Air Force Master Sergeant, Clarke County Chamber of Commerce president, City of Quitman deputy city clerk, wife, mother, and grandmother Lynnita Bartee.Career Tech students are about to enjoy a presentation by Chamber of Commerce president Lynnita Bartee.

Such an elegant evening and a dynamic speaker to honor these students and let them know that their life after high school will require them to show up on time, pick up a job application prepared to immediately interview, and be so self aware that they know the one thing they can bring to an employer that is needed.

Lynnita Bartee gives a real life talk to the audience.

When they get the job, Mrs. Bartee suggests that they set themselves apart by putting their cell phones down and having a strong work ethic.