Teachers, Brain Surgeons, and Mothers

QLE teachers pose in the hallway.

Watch a teacher teach a child how to read, and you will call them a brain surgeon. See them a scoop a student into their arms, and you will say they are a Mother.

Career Tech teacher poses with gifts.

Panther Nation has been spending this week attempting to show our teachers, brain surgeons, and mothers how important they are to us.

QUE PTO provides snacks for teachers during Teacher Appreciation week.

One teacher said, “I’ve been teaching for sixteen years. It’s my second year here, and I’ve never seen a teacher appreciation like this.”

QUE teacher enjoys the snacks.

Some may assume that this means nobody has a community like the one which surrounds our school. That assumption would be correct.

QHS faculty and staff enjoy breakfast and lunch during teacher appreciation week.

But it’s more than that.

A QHS teacher holds a gift during teacher appreciation week.

Our teachers, brain surgeons, and mothers are, hands down, without a doubt, the best to ever walk this sweet earth.

A gift from the Quiz Bowl team during teacher appreciation week.