More than Food at QUE

A child eats lunch at QUE.

This six year old loves oranges, and he likes to make his own juice. The mashed potatoes are okay, but the chicken nuggets are his favorite. He heard that if you want to be a scientist you need to love to ask questions. And he realizes that yes, he likes to talk but doesn’t everybody?

One of the most surprising and beautiful things about our school’s lunch program is not the pizza we’ll be having today. It’s the children we meet.

A student has lunch with her little sister.

It is getting to eat at the school with your big sister. Chocolate milk, juice, rosy applesauce, and we even have ketchup for your chicken nuggets.

How awesome is that? So awesome that after your meal, you go tell Ms. Faye a special thank you for the food. That’s what those girls did.

A student performs a trick with his food.

This is a place where we perform tricks with our food and share a laugh with our sister.

Brother and sister laugh together.

Today we’re open from 10:50 till 12:20.