Homework Never Ends

Students in the 2018 Lady Panther Kiddie Camp show vast improvement in skills during their second day of camp.

How much improvement can be made in just twenty-four hours? Measuring the skill level of students in their second day of Lady Panther Kiddie Camp shows us a marked change. Coach Vance says, “Yes, we’ve already noticed so much improvement,” and then she turns to the kids. “This doesn’t just stop here. What you’ve learned you have to take home and practice. In order to get better you have to do it again and again.”

What happens when you do it again and again?

You may find yourself playing for a state championship or on a university level.

Photo of Shonte Hailes, former QHS Lady Panther State Champion and current University of Southern Mississippi Basketball starter.

For all those young people who have or will obtain scholarships for the work they are doing here, one thing remains the same. Practice doesn’t stop on our courts, on our fields, or in our classrooms.

Students participate in a drill at Lady Panther Kiddie Camp.

School is never out, and homework never ends.