Brooklynn’s Habit of Success

Brooklin stands in the foyer of Quitman High School holding a sign that asks, "How do. you want to be remembered?"

It is a profound question for someone who has dedicated the last thirteen years of her life to a goal. Brooklynn answers how she wants to be remembered by saying, “As always being there for any of my teammates or friends.”

Though Brooklynn loves Panther Softball, her friends play a wide range of sports.

Brooklin stands with a group of friends.

Photograph courtesy of Southern Sass Photography

How does she feel about this being her last year amongst all of her classmates at Quitman School District? The QHS senior is quick to explain,

“I’m sad, but then I’m excited. This is going to be a new chapter in my life. I am going to East Mississippi Community College in Scooba.”

Brooklynn has been planning, and after two years in Mrs. Tucker’s Early Childhood Education classes at the Career Tech Center, she has decided she wants to teach for a living. In fact, this year she is spending 7.5 hours a week helping Mrs. Tucker with teaching.

Brooklynn works as a teacher assistant in Mrs. Tucker's Early Childhood Education class.

“For the past two years I’ve been working as a teacher assistant at QLE in ECE classes. This year I am acting more like a student teacher for Mrs. Tucker. I am putting up bulletin board stuff, copying paper, keeping stuff put up in the classroom. I started wanting to be a teacher my freshman year of high school, but I decided last year it was really what I was going to do.”

Those, who met Brooklynn her fourth grade year at Quitman Upper Elementary when she moved to the area, may have not predicted that she would choose a career which would have her standing and speaking to students all day. But soon after she arrived she got involved in the Clarke County 4-H program, and those around her noticed a change.

“I was really, really shy when I came to Quitman. I didn’t talk to many people, but my neighbor suggested that I get involved in shooting sports with 4-H since she knew that I had done archery. She said, ‘Come do it with us.’ I’ve been in 4-H for nine years now, and I’ve done shooting sports, food and nutrition, leadership, and public speaking. I just got back from a national event in New Orleans late Sunday night. I don’t have any problem talking to or in front of people.”

Brooklynn poses with her 4-H awards.

Photo courtesy of Brooklynn

If success is a habit, Brooklynn has made a ritual practice of excelling in both school and community. Before she graduates from Quitman High School in 2019, she wants to make sure that the kids at Quitman School District understand one thing.

“You have a problem if you don’t think you can. You can’t say, ‘I don’t think I can.’ You have to know you can. Push yourself past your limits. Don’t stop until you’re there.”