Gavin Original

Gavin poses with his QLE school picture.

Photograph courtesy of Fancy Fig Photography

Gavin stands in front of Quitman Lower Elementary with his framed QLE student photo in his hands. It serves as a time lapse of all the learning and experience and living in a small town and having family as educators and photographers, and yes, Gavin loves it here.

A collage of Gavin posing with "his people".

Photograph courtesy of Gavin’s mom

This is his last year at Quitman School District. He describes it as,

“Kind of nerve-racking. This is the final step to becoming an adult. What I do here affects me going forward in life. I’m just so thankful for the amount of opportunities I’ve had. I’ve gotten to go places and be recognized. That’s going to help me in the future. I went to New Orleans for a seafood cookout. It was a televised event. I went because I won a 4-H competition in the (Mississippi) Delta. It got my name out there in a business aspect. When people see my resume they will see I was put in a leadership position, and that I am a trusted individual. I was ASE certified last year in light, auto mechanics.”

Gavin’s experience and achievements at Quitman School District and it’s community coupled with his confidence and very proactive nature is likely to get him where he sees himself going. Next year Gavin will be at either East Mississippi Community College or Mississippi State University. He is hoping to spend two years as an EMCC Lion, and a drummer in that school’s band before he heads to Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University.

A photo of Gavin as a Big Blue Crew member.

Photography courtesy of Reeves Photography

“I am hoping to do automotive engineering or aerospace engineering, but first I am going to basic training for the Army National Guard. This year I’m in the JROTC here. I will spend nine weeks next summer going through basic training. They will really help me pay for college, and I’ll probably end up going full-time after college.”

Gavin poses for a selfie.

Photograph courtesy of Gavin Reeves

For those yet to graduate and looking to be like Gavin, he has some advice.

“Stay on top of your work as much as you can even when you’re at a loss. The teachers will help you. Find a class you enjoy and do it. Whether it is at the VoTech or JROTC or an elective, you’ll always have that thing to look forward to. You just have to be yourself. Be original. Be unique. It’s your personality.”

Gavin poses with a sign which reads, "How do you want to be remembered?"

Gavin says, “I want to be remembered as the guy who strived to be as original as he could be.”