Panthers & Algebra: Two Nations Combine

An algebra problem is on the white board in Mrs. Shaw's room.

Finding a solution to the problem facing many Mississippi students, are people like Darnell Boursiquot who is now entering schools to screaming crowds demanding his autograph. He is one of four tutors available to Quitman High School students through Algebra Nation, a program developed specifically to dramatically improve student achievement in Algebra 1. (Source)

And yes, Mrs. Shaw agrees. This is dramatic.

Mrs. Shaw poses with the new Algebra Nation textbooks.

The Quitman High School Algebra 1 teacher explains,

“This is a game changer. Even though I am confident in my ability to teach my students, this is fabulous for them! The tutors have different teaching styles, and the students can find the one they best connect with.” Shaw points at the screen in the front of the classroom. “She is more like me in that she’s a seasoned teacher who repeats herself to ensure that everyone is getting the information. Each tutor brings another perspective to teaching, and the students find who best fits their learning style. I’ve made them watch each of them and find who they feel most comfortable with. Some explain more and some give real life applications, but everyone is able to find help with Algebra 1 when they get home. They are able to go at their own pace and interface with tutors and other Algebra 1 students who are working the same problem or have worked out an answer to it.”


A screenshot from the home page of Algebra Nation.

Shaw is admittedly excited to hear her Algebra 1 students having conversations with their peers about solving problems. Like the creators of Algebra Nation, she loves finding ways to ensure the success of all her students. For parents who are interested in finding out more, Mrs. Shaw is planning a Parent Night in October.

“It’s going to be great! They get to be the student and see what their children are doing. I’m working on that right now,” she smiles.