Keriunna and the Little Things

Keriunna prepares to bunt in a Panther Volleyball game.Keriunna is glad that Panther Volleyball’s first season is during her last year of school. It means she is helping to create the history of being on the first Panther Volleyball team, winning the first game, taking the first match, and the 5’0″ varsity setter says,

“It’s enjoyable, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Our practices are fun, but at the same time we get a lot of work done. Coach Coleman and Mrs. Reeves call me 6’ because I have a big personality,” she smiles and raises her arms stretched wide to each side. 

The confessed risk taker appreciates the value in learning something new, being able to compete for her school, and staying in great physical shape while waiting for the upcoming Lady Panthers Basketball season.

Keriunna poses with the 2018 - 2019 Lady Panther Basketball team.

Keriunna’s eyes shine when she talks of three years ago when she was on 2016 4A State Champion Lady Panthers team with her sister, Chequira.

“That was an amazing feeling. The gym was so big, but with our four seniors it felt like it was so small. I lost my voice every time we went to Jackson. I was the energy kid of the team. The next year was a new coach, and those seniors were gone. This much hope with this much confidence. I had team members who needed me to have confidence in winning a game instead of hoping to win a game. Hope is not passive. We have to be confident we are going to win this game. This season I am very confident in Coach Vance and our team and even our managers who will be on time with the water. We will win more games than we have in the past two years.”

The Lady Panther guard tells fans to watch for, “a scrappy team with a great defense. You’ll see the way we can guard their best player.”

Will Keriunna, like her sister, be remembered as one of the Lady Panthers’ best players?

Keriunna poses with a sign which reads, "How do you want to be remembered?"

Yes, but she also wants to be remembered as, “the person who was always the motivation.”

People who have met Keriunna know her ability to motivate will only increase as she realizes her dream of owning her own business. With a possible start at Jones County Junior College coupled with a transfer to Alcorn University, she not only hopes but is confident that at 22 years old, she will be holding a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree and creating a way for any of her many passions to help provide an income for the family she dreams of having one day.

Keriunna poses with a QLE Pre-K class during her Early Childhood Education class.

About those dreams, she explains,

“I didn’t think I would want a baby, but being in Mrs. Tucker’s class (Early Childhood Education at the Clarke County Career Tech Center) and going to the lower elementary to work with those little kids has made me think I want to be a Mom. They are so precious.”

Keriunna does think that family can wait until she nurtures her business into a profitable enterprise requiring less of her attention and more delegation. “Maybe when I’m 27,” she smiles.

Keriunna poses for her senior portrait.

Keriunna treasures a necklace which honors her grandfather. Photograph courtesy of Keriunna.

For those asking advice from the girl who has been planning her life, QHS Senior is generous.

“Just be patient. Your time is coming. Prayer is very important. Do the little things because you may not know who is watching. Be consistent with good habits.”