Beginning with the End in Mind: Panther Homecoming 2018

Monday we wanted to make it to Friday. So, we had to start imagining Friday.

For Panther Football, it’s the big game you don’t plan to lose. The Big Blue Crew is coming off of fantastic results at the West Lauderdale Excalibur Invitational. Panther Alumni will be everywhere. Beautiful faces, big smiles, hugs, waves, and handshakes will happen because we are coming home to each other. Do you remember photos like this of you and your classmates?

A classroom of students.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Gulley, Lower Elementary Teacher

So many Panther Alumni have posted what they looked like back then. Do you still have a 2nd grade picture?

Their now is our history. We want their future to be even brighter than ours has been.

QUE students get ready to change the sign.

Photograph courtesy of Pam Hampton, P.E. Teacher

We want you to see how beautiful it is here. We want you to watch Panther performance at a level you are not even expecting. Sure, you’ve seen the photographs, such as…

Panther Football is on Panther Field.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles, QHS Senior

Big Blue Crew Percussion team stand with their Best in Class - Percussion award in 2018.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Chrissy Kelly, S.W.A.T. Teacher

Panthers have been thinking about Friday night each day this week, and we all deserve the end we had in mind.

CTC students pose for a photo.

This week is 2018 Panther Homecoming.

Panther Football takes the field.

The battle ends Friday night at 7:00 p.m.