Counting on Jayce

Jayce stands and looks out onto the campus.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

When describing his feelings about May of 2019, Jayce says,

“It feels kinda like just the same as it felt in 8th grade, but it has a scarier ending. All throughout school we knew what was coming next. Now we’re getting thrown off the bus.”

By “bus” we are going to take the perspective that Jayce is describing thirteen years of opportunities in buildings filled with people wanting to help him reach his goals. One of those goals is to leave Mississippi but not before he collaborates with fellow videographers, photographers, and visual artists such as classmates Tristen and Javante.

What Jayce is hoping is that he finds more people like those two in Florida or California.

“Tristen and I film skits. Anytime we get a good idea we put it on camera and in vlogs. I’ve been messing with computers and games since before I can remember. I’ve looked at some film schools, and I thought about a portfolio. My friends have the same futuristic mindset. I think I will have more opportunities outside of Mississippi.”

Jayce stands on a brick wall next to the QHS Library.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

It’s the mindset of those concerned about Mississippi’s growth and the loss of creative potential who understand but want to change Jayce’s mind. The QHS senior is willing to give the state two more years.

“I’ll go to MCC (Meridian Community College) next year. I’ll probably do that for two years and then decide where I’ll go.”

With two years of opportunity in programs such as Media Production Technology, Graphic Design Technology, Computer Networking Technology, and Computer Programming Technology, Jayce should not have any problem finding people and classes to hold his interests and keep him busy. The two years he has already spent in the Career Tech Center’s TV Broadcasting and Production program and his experience with programs such as Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro as well as some of the “top of the line” camera equipment will make him a stand out student in any of MCC’s programs.


Jayce leaps from the brick wall next to the QHS Library.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

But before he jumps off the bus in May Jayce is going to get a lot busier with his part-time job at Bubba’s Catfish and Steak House and Panther Soccer season.


Jayce sits with his letter jacket on.

Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles

“Soccer starts in two weeks. I think the rest of the team has improved a little bit, but without Peyton (QHS Class of 2018 graduate), we’re going to have to pick up some slack. Soccer is a lot more explosive and over the top. The ball can end up anywhere on the field at any time. I started playing when I was in 9th grade. I didn’t have anything to do, and I had a few friends that played. I’m glad I did it.”

Getting involved in career tech programs and/or Panther sports is something Jayce definitely recommends to his underclassmen, but he also has another piece of advice.

“Nobody is perfect. No matter where you go, you’re going to hit bumpy roads. People are the same.”

Jayce stands with a sign which reads, "How do you want to be remembered?"

How does the soccer playing, movie producing QHS senior want to be remembered after he graduates? He smiles when he says,

“As a solid dude everyone could count on.”