Raven Being Her Best Self

Raven helps out at the QUE Fall Festival.

QHS senior Raven works with her fellow Early Childhood Education classmates this week at the QUE Fall Festival.

Last year when Raven began taking the Early Childhood Education I class at the Career Tech Center she knew she would be getting exactly what she wanted from it.

“I thought it would be neat to learn how we grow and develop. This is a good school. The teachers and administrators care about the students and care about them getting their education. I wanted to be part of that.”

Raven is definitely part of Panther Nation, and she already knows that her education and performance at Quitman School District ensures her a spot at Alcorn.

Raven holds a yard sign which announces that she is an honor student.

About leaving home, Raven explains,

“I’ll miss being around family all the time. My mother is from here. I’ll be about three hours away. She’ll cry when I graduate, but my younger sister will still be at home. I am going to get my Bachelor’s of Business Administration because I want to own my own business one day. I don’t know what it will be yet.”

The Lady Panther starting guard seems as relaxed talking about her future career as she is about this weekend’s game against Heidelberg.

Raven plays for the Lady Panthers.

And she is quick to say that playing as a Lady Panther has served her well and will do so well into her future.

“Basketball has taught me to work with others like I do my teammates.”

It has also given her the confidence she needs to venture into the world of college and the life after it.

Raven poses for her senior banner.

Raven poses for her senior banner photo. Photograph courtesy of Javante Charles.

“I’ve been throwing a ball up at that goal before I could even make it. We played in the neighborhood. We had a basketball goal. My older sister played.”

Raven poses for a photo which poses the question, "How do you want to be remembered?"

The honor student, Lady Panther, and National Technical Honor Society member hopes she is remembered, “As a hard worker.”

She advises others, “Strive to the best you can be.”