Sayjah on Achievement

Sayjah poses for a senior portrait.

Photograph courtesy of Sayjah

Sayjah has an intensity in photographs. We have seen it on Panther Field, in the Panther Gym, and at the Career Tech Center. She can be very serious both about her work and her play. She can be quite joyful as well. Anyone who knows Sayjah understands where much of her joy originated. Her whole face brightens when she mentions her mom.

Sayjah takes a selfie with her Mom.

Photograph courtesy of Sayjah

“I have a close relationship with my mom, and I know I have abandonment issues. You can’t make not having your father in your life determine how you will live your life. It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Recently my dad came back into my life. At first I didn’t want that, but it’s okay. He needs to know how hurt I was, but I can’t hold that against him. I have to move forward with my life. I tell my mom everything, and I know next year that I am going to miss her being able to come every time I call her. She is my best friend.”

Sayjah cheers for the Panthers.

The QHS senior admits that she is also going to miss being a Panther Cheerleader. She explains,

“I liked cheering on the sideline. We were family. I could go and talk to my coach about whatever I was going through. I learned about doing things with others. You can take help and criticism from other people.”

Sayjah checks a classmate's blood pressure during Health Science II.

Cheerleading is not the only thing giving this Tri-M treasurer, HOSA, Beta Club, NTHS, and Mu Alpha Theta member life lessons. Health Science I & II classes helped her decide she didn’t want to pursue nursing and steered her into how she will be spending her time after graduation in May of 2019.

JCJC has a lot of good opportunities. I am going to do their sonography program. I didn’t want to do a university first because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. After I do the sonography program I want to get certified as a dental hygienist. I broke my teeth on the clarinet when I was in junior high and got them fixed. I liked the way it made me feel. I want to do that for other people. I job shadowed a dentist last week,” she smiles.

Sayjah poses with a sign which asks, "How do you want to be remembered?"

For those students looking to help other people, Sayjah has some advice,

“Senior year is not just all play. When you get stressed out, you don’t have to address everything. Just breathe. Don’t let life overtake you where you can’t feel like you can achieve like you want to.”

She’s hoping to be remembered as, “Somebody that didn’t let obstacles keep them from doing things or stop them from achieving what they wanted to achieve in life.”

Sayjah also hopes that her experience in both the QJH and QHS choruses will help pay for her education at Jones College. She has already auditioned for the scholarship, and anyone who was at last week’s Fall Choral Concert understands the advantage she has in getting it.