Preparing Good Food

Mrs. Price gives ECE students tips on working with a kitchen knife.

Mrs. King and Mrs. Price agree that the Early Childhood Education students visiting from the Career Tech Center only need two knives in their kitchen. They also nod in unison when explaining how tasty the recipes, which they have planned today, are.

Early childhood education students visit the MSU Extension - Clarke County.

Students learning proper knife skills, choosing healthy options for themselves and their future families, and gaining critical knowledge on proper nutrition for the early childhood education careers they may have one day is the goal of this outing planned by Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. King, and Mrs. Price.

And the students love preparing a meal to share with each other.

ECE students prepare a recipe.

ECE students prepare a meal together.

ECE students prepare a meal together.

ECE students prepare a meal together.

This hands-on learning is exactly what the Clarke County Career Tech Center enjoys providing for its students. They are, of course, more than happy to team up with the MSU Extension Service.

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