Jaiya Smiling

Jaiya poses on Quitman High School's campus.

Jaiya understands that she is one week away from being done with one half of her senior year, and she admits while walking to the Science Building,

“I think I will miss it. I like having something to do everyday. I like the structure of it.”

With twelve hours worth of college credit classes, psychology, Spanish II, economics, government, and Anatomy and Physiology as well as active memberships in FBLA, NHS, and NTHS, Jaiya understands time management and is using it to walk onto Gulf Coast Community College’s campus in August of 2019 as a second semester freshman.

That’s one reason she is smiling.

Jaiya poses on Quitman High School's campus.

After attending the University of Mississippi’s Most Conference where she stayed three days in the dorm and went to college classes and events with over 300 other students from all over Mississippi, Jaiya thought she would surely go to Ole Miss and she does eventually plan to. But she smiles and nods with excitement when she explains,

“I’m going to MGCCC with my best friend, and I am doing the PTA Program, too. Once I get my PTA from the Gulf Coast (Community College) I plan on going to Ole Miss to get my psychology degree. I am looking into traveling, and I’m excited about graduating.”

Jaiya poses on Quitman High School's campus.

Though the Panther Tennis and Quiz Bowl player doesn’t plan on playing either in college, she does advise her underclassmen,

“I determined what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be, but I didn’t have an open mind. Open your mind. Be willing to try new things. I didn’t think I would ever play tennis, but I did and I liked it. I’ve been playing for two years now.”

Jaiya poses on Quitman High School's campus.

Now Jaiya is opening her mind to a future in healthcare but not before going to college on the beach with her best friend. There is no doubt that she just smiled again.