Community Engagement in Panther Nation

Community members gather for a P16 meeting in the district's central office.

It was a Tuesday night in Panther Nation, and the district’s central office was surrounded with vehicles. Parents, community leaders, business owners, and district employees met in the boardroom for the P16 Community Engagement Council’s Formation Meeting. Federal Programs Director Dr. Minnie Dace was pleased with the turnout to the open invitation she presented to the public last week. She’s excited to have such involvement in a council established to:

  1. Provide a safe space and mechanism for community input in the Quitman School District decision making process,
  2. Assist in the dissemination of data and information from Quitman School District to the general public,
  3. Help coordinate the transmission of community priorities, needs, and opinions to the Quitman School District Administration (and Board of Trustees), and
  4. Develop accurate assessments of the strengths and limitations of the Quitman School District in order to recommend effective approaches to creating quality, healthy, and safe schools.

The QHS concert performs on stage in the QHS Auditorium.

At the same time QHS Choral Director Robbie Daniels and QJH Choral Director Katherine Freeman were preparing their talented students for one of the most exquisite Christmas concerts of the season.
Panther Soccer takes on NE Lauderdale.

All the while Panther Soccer was defending Panther Field against the Trojans from Northeast Lauderdale.

QJH Chorus performs in the QHS Auditorium.

Just another Tuesday night in Panther Nation was a great example of how engaged Panthers are. The QHS Auditorium was packed while the school’s district office was nearing a capacity where Dace had planned to ask everyone to move to the QHS Library.

QHS Choral members wait to perform in the QHS Auditorium.

She didn’t have to because it all seemed to fall exactly in place as we would hope. An engaged audience for our kids and a community committed to providing them the best possible education.

The Panther Dancers perform in the QHS Auditorium.

Please stay tuned as our community organizations, PTO members, student council members, community leaders, community members at large, and school district personnel work together to fulfill the purpose of the P16 Council. 
Lady Panther Soccer plays NE Lauderdale.

“School Districts and schools have the duty and responsibility to build quality first-rate schools accessible to all children regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender, disability or status. This requires meaningful participation of parents, students, and other parts of the community in the formation and implementation of policy at the school district and school levels.

Community Engagement Councils, also known as P-16 Councils, are an essential opportunity to build this process. The Community Engagement Councils are intended to be community-based and independent. The Councils are charged with the duty and responsibility to build strong, healthy communities. In order to build strong, healthy communities it is necessary, among other things, to create a quality public education delivered to students in healthy schools which are accessible to all children, regardless of race, class, status, gender, or disability.”
Quote from the MDE P-16 Pilot Guidelines

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