Leading at QUE

A group of QUE students are leading the school in the Pledge of Allegiance.

QUE 5th grader Rayleigh is handed the speaker for the school’s intercom system and confidently announces the quote she has chosen for the day.

“Our quote for today is, ‘We judge what we don’t understand,’ by unknown.”

Rayleigh is joined by classmates Gavin, Daniel, Allyson, and Laniya. As a group the students are delivering the Pledge of Allegiance, informing fellow students of the day’s lunch menu, and forecasting the weather. It’s a new program at Quitman Upper Elementary where students are choosing how they will lead in their school.

QUE students give the pledge

Photograph courtesy of Cathy Slay

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week third, fourth, and fifth graders are taking their iReady Reading and Math Diagnostics. Assistant Principal Rhonda Holloman and Principal Leah Ivey discuss the importance of the testing.

Holloman begins, “We are measuring where our children are in reading and math so that we can find where they need help. The test makes a path for each child so they can work on their weaknesses.”

Students at QUE are taking their iReady tests today.

Ivey continues, “For me, it’s a temperature check. You get to see how kids have grown from one test to the next. They took an iReady test at the beginning of the year, and now we are getting to see how they’ve grown from then to the middle of the year. They log into the test on their Chromebook, and it creates a learning path customized for their needs. Each week our students spend forty-five minutes of classroom time working on their iReady reading and math programs. A weakness they had at the beginning of the year may have improved. They can also log in and work on their iReady subjects at home. Next week we’ll send a letter home to our students’ parents letting them know how their children did on this week’s tests. That letter will give them suggestions on what they can do at home.”

Students line up after enjoying a break in the school's gym.

Watching students lead and confidence build in young minds who are actively learning puts a smile on Curriculum Coordinator Shevonda Truman’s face. She says,

“These children see that it not only matters to us at school, but it matters to their parents, too.”