Panther Photography Club Established January 9, 2019

Panther Photography Club president Javante Charles waits in the QHS Auditorium for club members.

Javante is confident that there is some interest in the Panther Photography Club, but he wonders if his fellow students had enough time after their winter break to make plans to attend the Wednesday, January 9th meeting. What he knows is that fellow QHS senior Tristan is there and helping with the preparation for the event.

Panther Photography Javante Charles and Tristan Scarborough prepare a slide presentation for the club's first meeting.

The two established videographers are working with Adobe Premier Pro to create a slide show for those looking to be part of a club established to encourage Quitman Junior High and Quitman High School students to tell and show the story of their school and community.

Photograph submitted by member of Panther Photography Club.

Photograph courtesy of Paisley Herrington

Thirty-two students gather to watch the presentation and hear how they can be a part of what these two young men dream for their school’s webpage and social media, including the district’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In order to be a member of the Panther Photography Club students are informed that they must send an email to . The subject line of the email must contain one of three words. Those words are Photography, Videography, and Photojournalism. The body of the email must (1) state their name, (2) the name of the photographer, videographer or photojournalist who they admire, and (3) what they admire about the work.
To be considered first in line for some of the upcoming stories offered to the Panther Photography Club, they are also asked to attach (1) a photo, video, or article they created and (2) a photo, video, or article that the person they admire created.

Within minutes prospective Photography Club members are already completing the required tasks.

Photograph submitted by member of Panther Photography Club.

Photograph courtesy of Te’Alexis Hale

“My name is Ta’Nyia Cooley. The person I admire is Javante Charles. I like his work because he takes his time, and his pictures are incredible.”

“I admire Javante Charles ❤️(B-12) because of the fact that he don’t let having a job and going to school stop him from doing what he loves.” Destiny Barnett

“The person I look up to is April Swancey with Southern Sass Photography. I look up to her because she runs her own business and is a full time mom to three children! Ever since I had my photo shoot with her I have admired her work. That’s when I started taking pictures. The first picture is one that I took when I was coming back from Demopolis, Alabama going to my camp on the Tombigbee river. The second and third one are from when I was in Tennessee and just loved the scenery! I am also interested in taking sport photos and I would love to show you those if you would like. Thank you for your time.” 

Brookilin Stafford

Photograph submitted by member of Panther Photography Club.

Photograph courtesy of Cameron Hicks

“I like Cameron Hicks because of the way he catches the right moments and captures the boldness of colors.” AA’Cahsha Gandy

Photography submitted by member of Panther Photography Club.

Photograph courtesy of Janiayah McCarty

“The photographer I admire is Gonzal Baz , because he can take the most basic landscapes and make them seem like an oasis.”
Eternity Alford

Photograph submitted by Panther Photography Club member

Photograph courtesy of Kaelynn Parham

“The person whose work I admire is Jeff Bladock. He is known for his photography of our state. I like his work because of the colors, and I especially like his outdoor nature pictures. I am including a barn picture that he took and a picture I took this November of a cabin in Cades Cove while on vacation in Tennessee.”
Kaelynn Parham

People who look to their phones, computers, and local papers to find out what is happening at Quitman School District, will likely be pleasantly surprised at the positive changes happening with how the information is distributed.