Alford Inside and Out

Mrs. Alford holds up snacks she has bought for her students.

It’s Mrs. Alford’s planning period, and she is restocking both her prize bin and class refrigerator which contains juice for her students and FBLA members. After 28 years in teaching and 11 years as the FBLA advisor, Alford is comfortable in a system of rewarding the type of behavior and conduct she expects from her students.

And she expects a lot. With classes such as Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Foundations as well as a growing FBLA with a history of placing in national competitions, Alford is stocking her shelves because she knows what her students can do. Mrs. Alford teaches in her classroom.This year she received Quitman High School’s Teacher of the Year, and her coworkers wrote in to explain why Alford is the teacher they want representing what they are doing at QHS.

Mrs. Alford stands in front of her classroom.“Mrs. Alford has spent her teaching career working in the Quitman School District. She and her husband moved here in the 1990’s and immediately put down roots in Quitman. People in the community assume they are “from here” because of the caring attitude given by them and their involvement in our community. In a school district, that means everything. Tammy Alford has chaired many committees, organized many SADD Club activities, and taken more students to State and NATIONAL competitions all over the United States than anyone EVER has at QHS. I know that for a fact because I’ve been here and seen her repeatedly get those students ready and watched them return with success!”
Mr. Daniels

“I voted for Mrs. Alford because she is a detail-oriented, caring teacher. She is passionate about her subject area and that her students learn in her classroom. She spends a ton of time outside of school working with FBLA students – practicing for competition and going to state and national competitions.”
Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Alford teaches in her classroom.

“She ALWAYS goes above and beyond. Always at school at all hours and during the summer making sure she is as prepared as can be. She is a type A personality x 10000 🤣 and this is reflected in her meticulous planning, readjustment in lesson planning, and caring for her students. She not only goes above and beyond for preparation, but she sees each student- really sees them- and truly wants the best for them. She pushes them to try for their best even when they don’t want to. Hands down, she’s awesome and irreplaceable.”
Mrs. Faucette

“Mrs. Alford is truly a professional that has a heart for children. She is thorough when it comes to organization, e.g. FBLA. She is always concerned about the well being of her students and doesn’t mind providing basic school supplies. She is a leader at QHS and a model teacher. As a teacher, you can ask her to volunteer and she’s right there with you. I think Mrs. Alford is called towards this profession and I admire her.”
Mrs. McKenzieMrs. Alford teaches in her classroom.

“I voted for Mrs. Alford because of her dedication to her students and the school. She is diligent in her role as a teacher and mentor, as well as, a leader in her community. She gives 110 percent to Quitman High School and is willing to help anyone.”
Mrs. Reeves

“Of all the teachers I’ve worked with over the past 29 years, there is no one else who cares more about or does more for students than Mrs. Alford.”
Mrs. Kemp

Mrs. Alford teaches in her classroom.

“Mrs. Alford is one of the most caring teachers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She is one of those special teachers who truly loves her students and goes way beyond what is required to make sure that they are successful. She spends countless extra hours at the school working with students from her classes as well as school clubs. She spends her summers taking students to National competitions– giving our students an opportunity to compete with schools all over the nation. Mrs. Alford is a teacher who is well respected and loved by her peers. She works hard and gets the job done. She is willing to always try new procedures and concepts in education because she understands that this is how our school will move forward and improve. She is well respected and loved by the community. She is very involved with activities in our community. One university slogan stated several years ago– “Walk the talk” . She is a devoted teacher who walks the talk!! Anytime you are around her, she is working to make this school a great place. A great teacher inspires her students. A great teacher is one who is the core and soul of the school. Mrs. Alford encourages students to succeed- she helps them to achieve goals and to know that they can be successful. She knows that she has a responsibility to encourage and inspire all her students– she is a teacher who changes the lives of students everyday and for some students a lifetime. Mrs. Alford is an awesome teacher but that comes from being an awesome person. It is said that great people make everyone around them better. She is this person– she makes those who know her better people because of the person that she is!!!” Mrs. Evans

“Mrs. Alford is one of the most involved teachers in the lives of her students. The leadership opportunities students are exposed to in her class and through FBLA are first rate. Students and teachers can count on Mrs. Alford to be there for them when she’s needed. She has invested a lot of love, time, goodwill within Quitman High School, and that is why I voted for her!” Mrs. Shaw

Mrs. Alford poses with her husband.

Even Mr. Alford thinks he knows why she is so successful at being a teacher.
“She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.”