Tarvarius Moore Returns

Tarvarius Moore playing for the San Fransisco 49ers.

Quitman High School’s 2014 graduate Tarvarius Moore pinned a photo to his Twitter account less than five years from the night he walked across Panther Field to accept his diploma. The image was of Moore defending a pass as a San Francisco 49er against the Seattle Seahawks in Levi’s Stadium. Below the photo Tarvarius typed, “dreams 2 reality.”

Yesterday he returned to Quitman Junior High to share with students how he transformed those dreams into a current reality.

Tarvarius Moore signs autographs at Quitman Junior High.

Moore explained to a gym full of students,

“I see myself in you. It wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting where you are, but I made sure that I had people in my circle of friends who helped me make the right choices. Those choices are not just a reflection of you. Those choices are a reflection of your family.”

Tarvarius Moore speaks to the boys at QJH.

He continued,

“Playing with the 49ers is a very humbling experience. Most of the time when I’m there I’m actually thinking about being back at home. This is where I learned about hard work, sacrifice, and respect. I’ve been playing football since I was six years old, and I knew that if I didn’t have the grades, I couldn’t play.”


QJH listens as Tarvarius speaks.

Photograph compliments of Deshawn Benjamin

“I played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track when I was in high school. I worked hard, stayed focused, made good choices, and had good friends who kept me uplifted. This career chose me. I just kept working hard at what I loved.”


Tarvarius poses with two of his high school teachers.

In the offseason Moore trains and takes the time to visit with friends and family. Yesterday gave him a chance to visit with two of his favorite high school teachers, Mrs. Julie Owen and Mrs. Brenda McCormick who taught him Health Science I and Health Science II respectively.


Tarvarius talks with QJH students.

It also gives him the chance to connect to Panthers throughout the school district. Today he will attend the Panther Football Banquet in the QHS Auditorium.