Being Pawsitive

Breezie sits in her favorite place at QUE.

Breezie says, “I do all my work. I listen well. Mrs. Novak called me and said, ‘Take this up to the office.'”

The 5th-grader took the piece of paper Mrs. Novak handed her and left the classroom headed toward the Quitman Upper Elementary office, but on the way she read what Mrs. Novak had written on the paper. By the time Breezie got to the office, she was smiling. Mrs. Novak had given her a Pawsitive office referral. Mrs. Phillips grabbed a camera and took a photo which is now featured on an office bulletin board.

“When I got back to class everyone was congratulating me.”

Zykeria sits in the Ben Carson Reading Room at QUE.

Mrs. Novak also gave Zykeria a Pawsitive office referral, because as Zykeria says,

“I was always making good grades and doing what I was supposed to.”

But that’s not the only reason the 5th grader is being recognized for Pawsitive behavior. Zykeria is also part of a group who volunteered to clean the school’s Ben Carson Reading Room. She is proud to show off the room where she and her fellow students can come and read books.

She smiles when she says, “It took us a week to finish it. We were coming a long way everyday. I volunteered because I just like helping.”

London sits in his favorite place at QUE.

London received a Pawsitive office referral from his 3rd-grade teacher Mrs. Lafferty.

“She said these four students go to the office, and I figured it out when I got to the office. It was for doing good stuff. One time we were doing a reading task, and I was the only one to get a 100. I think it’s about having grit. That means keep on keeping on.”


Rabab sits outside the library at QUE.

Rabab got a Pawsitive office referral when she was in third grade and in fourth grade. Now that she is in fifth grade she remembers,

“When we were at recess they were looking for a boy, and I saw a boy hiding and I went to tell Mrs. Ivey because he was crying. I went to tell the teacher and they came and got him so they could help.”


Henry sits in the QUE Library.

Third-grader Henry explains that he received a Pawsitive office referral, as well.

“Last November I got one for being proactive. That means I was helping my friends with their work if they had trouble with it. The teacher (Mrs. Buckley) said to get a paper and it had all this stuff on it that said proactive and sharpen the saw and I didn’t know what it was and she was laughing. Then she told me what it was. I took it to the office and got a picture on the school board.”

Henry smiles, and we smile with him. Being Pawsitive is obviously contagious. It’s happening everywhere at Quitman Upper Elementary.