Sharpening the Saw on a Monday

It’s a typical Monday in Panther Nation. Calendars, classes, spring photos, a PTO meeting, an art show, two baseball games, a track meet, archery at Northeast Jones and fast pitch plays Newton County at home.

QJH art on display at the PTO Meeting.

QUE sends five of it’s fourth graders to the school board meeting. They explain to us what it means to Sharpen the Saw.

QUE 4th graders present how they sharpen the saw.

Zy says, “I want to share with you why it is important to sharpen your saw and how I sharpen mine. I am helpful to other people. I exercise by shooting basketball, playing baseball, or another sport. I can make my brain healthier and smarter by focusing in class and by doing good on my tests. When I sharpen my saw I am healthier and have a better brain. I also include my relationships with others when I sharpen my saw I get along with my friends.”

QJH Baseball wins two games!

Amaya says, “To sharpen the saw is to better yourself in four areas: the heart, the body, the soul, and the mind. To sharpen your heart you can be more kind, see your family, and give to the homeless. To sharpen your body you can go for a stroll. To sharpen your soul you can go to church. To sharpen your mind you can read books. I sharpen my saw by being organized, studying, relaxing, and having fun. I help around the house by cleaning, washing dishes, and doing anything else someone wants me to do.I also help anyway I can in my math and reading classes.”

Panther Fast Pitch plays Newton County.

Chloe says, “Sharpen the saw means to work on your body, heart, soul, and mind. I sharpen my saw by doing stuff that helps me. I sharpen my body by exercising and not eating junk food. I sharpen my soul by doing things that are calming like going to the beach and going to church. I sharpen my heart by having good, strong relationships with others. I sharpen my mind by reading a good book or by watching the animal channel. This is how I sharpen my saw.”

Coach Coleman goes to a school board meeting.

Rodria says, “It is important to sharpen our saw because if we don’t it could keep us from performing our best because it causes us to be unhealthy or worse causes us to fail a test. I sharpen my saw by eating healthy, exercising, resting, and spending time with family and friends. These are the reasons why sharpening your saw is important.”

Panther Fast Pitch plays Newton County.

Amiya says, “It is important to sharpen our saws because we will stay healthy and have the energy to work and play. It is also important because by taking good care of our bodies it will keep us out of the doctor’s office. I sharpen my saw by eating lots of fruits and vegetables to keep my body healthy and in shape. I get plenty of rest and read books to relax and restore my body.”

QJH Baseball wins both games.

We are so grateful for the explanations and examples we received of sharpening the saw on a Monday in QSD. You can view more photographs here.