Kara Beth on Ready

Kara Beth poses for a senior photo.

Photograph courtesy of Madison Cooper

Kara Beth is ready. With three weeks remaining before graduation, she takes the time to sit and explain,

“I’m ready to feel like I’ve accomplished something important. We’ve been working on this for 13 years. Everyone says, ‘Don’t rush it.’ We’re down to the wire, and I just need these next two to three weeks to go by very quickly. I feel like the generations are changing a lot. We are not raised the way our parents were raised, and we don’t act like our parents do. We’re just trying to look out for each other and make the world a better place. I know that everybody I am going to graduate with this year is going to go off and do great things.”


Kara Beth poses with her friends.

Photograph courtesy of Kara Beth

This National Honor Society, Beta Club, Quiz Bowl Team, FCCLA, Tri-M, and Chorus member breathes out and smiles when she explains,

“My best friends are my people. My people make me so happy. I’m with them almost every day of the week and every weekend. They’re getting me through this senioritis for sure.”

They are likely to also help her as she goes to college.

“I see myself as somebody who wants to do so many things. I don’t know for sure exactly what I want to do. Just during my senior year I’ve changed my major four times. I thought about being an accountant. There was biomedical engineering. Then I was going to be a surgeon. Now I’m thinking psychology. It’s because I have a fascination with mental illness and the human brain, and I want to be able to help people become the best they can be. I’ve always been my friends’ group therapist. I just got finished with psychology last semester. I’ll have 16 hours of college credits when I graduate, and I am going to MCC in the fall. I’ll get my bachelor’s degree from State, probably in Starkville.”


Kara Beth poses with her family on QHS Awards night.

With a full tuition scholarship from Meridian Community College and a nature which lends itself to competition, Kara Beth is thoughtful about the next four years of her life.

“Throughout high school I’ve always pushed myself really heard with AP (advanced placement) courses and college classes. I’m thinking about applying for the honors college at MCC, but I don’t want to be stressed all the time.”

The advice she gives to others is,

Don’t give up. No matter what. It doesn’t matter if someone makes better grades than you or a better score on the ACT, you can still succeed in life.”


Kara Beth poses for a photo with a sign which reads, "How do you want to be remembered?"

How does this successful young woman want to be remembered at Quitman High School?

“I want to be remembered as someone who always tried their hardest.”