Panther Week 35 of 36: Our Busiest One Yet!

Nobody cares who won Battle of the Classes, though QHS counselor Mrs. King was quick to predict, “The teachers have it!” What mattered yesterday was that Coach Coleman was handling the music, Julian Noel was holding the mic, Dr. Savage had the megaphone, and First Sarge had the whistle in his mouth. It mattered that Coach Reeves was working last year’s volleyball players with players from this year’s team. Important was that students were able to sit,sing, and dance with their friends, that Mrs. Davis and the student council opened the concession stand, that there was not a dry eye when Mrs. Alford talked about this time of year, and that Mrs. Odom and Mrs. Robinson were handling graduation preparations.

We are nearing an end and a beginning, but this week sure is busy!

Dr. Truman says, “We only have one more week of testing. We are almost at our final days! 3rd Grade Gate Retest is next week, wish our 3rd graders the best as they give it another try! 

Who will be testing next week?

QUE – MAAP ELA, Science (Tuesday – Wednesday)
QJH – Algebra I & Make-Ups (Monday -Wednesday)
QHS – EOC Make-Ups (Tuesday – Thursday)



Please continue to encourage our students who will test next week!! Also, please encourage students who are missing school to attend in order to make up their test!”

Students love Battle of the Classes.

Monday, May 13th

QJH: MAAP Algebra I

QUE: Teacher Appreciation

QLE: 2nd Grade Piano Recitals

QLE: Field Day

QHS: Baseball Awards Banquet 6:30

QSD: QSD School Board Meeting 6:30


Students love Battle of the Classes.

Tuesday, May 14th

QUE: MAAP 5th Grade Science

QUE: Teacher Appreciation

QLE: Special Needs Graduation/Music Program 1:00

QLE: SWAT Loving Latin Program 1:00

QHS: Panther Dance Team/Pom Squad Clinic 3:30 – 5:00

QJH: Panther Baseball Tryouts 3:30 – 5:00

QJH/QHS: Lady Panther Softball Tryouts 4:30 – 5:45

QSD: PTO Meeting w/Dr. Holloway 5:00

QUE: Parent Meeting about 5th Grade Field Trip 5:30

QJH: Chorus Concert 6:30 in QHS Auditorium

QHS: Big Blue Crew Banquet

Students love Battle of the Classes.

Wednesday, May 15th

QHS: Final Exams

QUE: MAAP ELA I – Third Grade Retest

QUE: Teacher Appreciation

QHS: Panther Dance Team/Pom Squad Clinic 3:30 – 5:00

QHS: Baseball Tryouts 3:30 – 5:00

QJH: Guitar Concert 4:00 in QJH Library


Students love Battle of the Classes.

Thursday, May 16th

QHS: Final Exams

QUE: Art Exhibition & Gifted Showcase 8:30 – 10:00

QLE: Awards Day

QUE: Awards Day 11:00 – 2:00

QUE: Teacher Appreciation

QHS: Dance Team/Pom Squad Tryouts 3:30 – 5:30

QJH: Awards Night 6:00 in QHS Auditorium

QUE: PTO Meeting 6:00


Students love Battle of the Classes.

Friday, May 17th

QUE: Third Grade Field Trip to McWane Science Center

QHS: Parade of Graduates

QUE: 5th Grade Tours QJH