Introducing Quitman School District’s New Athletic Director

Coach Chris Coleman stands with the Governor's Award in Jackson.

Anyone who has been near Panther Gym, gone to a baseball or softball game, attended a cross country event, taken a P.E. class, attended a pep rally at Quitman High School, or been at a City League or a Quitman Youth Metro Basketball League game is familiar with Coach Chris Coleman. He has coached varsity and junior varsity Panther Basketball, acted as an administrative intern, taught yoga, volleyball, basketball, mentored and volunteered for our community’s young people in countless ways during the past six years. In that amount of time Panthers won four Sam Dale tournaments and three division titles. He has coached Panther Basketball twice in the state tournament, one of those years was for the state championship. Coleman has been named division coach of the year three times and smiles when he says, “I’ve coached the division MVP four out of my six years.”

Coach Chris Coleman poses for a photo in the QHS Auditorium.

He has a 75% winning rate and just this year awarded his first ever Quitman Run & Gun Basketball League Scholarship. So, when he was recommended by Dr. Savage and former Athletic Director Brian Jordan to be Quitman School District’s new Athletic Director, he gladly accepted the position. He explains,

“I told them that I would love the opportunity to be the new Athletic Director of Quitman School District. I have been working towards this. The new responsibilities such as managing the budget, ordering equipment, promoting teams, helping coaches reach their goals, and facilities upkeep will be a challenge but I have some great help! Coach Matt Boone will be my right hand throughout this journey. His knowledge and passion are fundamental to the success of the program.”


Coach Coleman and Coach Boone pose for a photo in the QHS Auditorium.

With Coach Coleman taking the lead in a program teeming with such talent and potential, Panther fans are surely to notice the synergy resulting from efforts of everyone on his team. Coleman sees Quitman Athletics as his newest team, and one which loves to win.

He smiles that familiar smile before saying, “When you play one of us, you play all of us here.”


Quitman Athletics coaches pose for a photograph in the QHS Auditorium.