Thank You, Everyday Heroes!

QSD Transportation Department poses beside their buses.

The second day of school is as good a time as any to tell the QSD Transportation Department how much we appreciate them. So, here goes…

Thank you, Valorie Adams, Scott Benson, Kimberly Boyette, Ollie Brown, Jackie Brown, Odeal Brown, Donna Coody, Hope Cooley, Travis Cornish, Robbie Daniels, Tanya Dearman, Ricky Graham, J.C. Hardeman, Nancy Harris, Regis Huddleston, Keith Irby, April Isham, Thomas Jamillah, Charles Jasper, James Johnson, Faith Johnson, Jodie Lucas, Ida McCree, Stacey McDaniel, Davis McDonald, Pamela McIlwain, Jason Miller, Vida Miller, Mark Mitchum, Sherry Moore, Nellie Raing, Bobbie Schrimpshire, Tyler Simpson, Robert Simpson, Matthew Skidmore, Hayli Smith, Carolyn Sumrall, Brenda Thompson, and Marguerite Young!


A QLE parent walks her son to school.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to say, “thank you,” to anyone who helps you get ready and brings you to school.


A QUE classroom with flexible seating.

May you not forget to thank those who have turned a room into a center for learning where your minds will expand as you grow.


A bulletin board in the hallway at QUE.

We surely will not forget to thank you for choosing to do the work, for studying, for being kind, for listening, for helping yourselves, and being a proactive leader in your school.