Boneisha Organized

Boneisha salutes.

Boneisha has been a cadet in the Quitman High School JROTC since her 9th-grade year. The QHS senior recommends the program and says, “I like the organization of it. I like that I can give people direction and show them how to be. I can’t count how many times I’ve been out on the field at the football games. Everytime we score a touchdown, we do 10 push-ups. I get upset when we don’t get to do pushups. When I graduate I plan on enlisting in the National Guard so I can go to college. After that, I may do the reserves. I’ll go straight to basic training in June. I think it’s in North Carolina. I’ll be there for nine weeks and then do AIT (specialized training) in Human Resources for 9-10 weeks. I should come back in October or November, and I’ll apply for entrance into college for January. I want to study psychology in college.”

Boneisha poses with her mom.

Photograph of Boneisha with her Mom, Courtesy of Boneisha

With the discipline she has shown in the JROTC program, her classes at Quitman High School, her work in the QHS Chorus, her membership in the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and strong family support, Boneisha will have nine college credit hours when she graduates in May of 2020. By the time she has the added training from the Army National Guard, schools will be welcoming her on a red carpet.

“I am looking at Jackson State and Ole Miss. Colleges like that will let me go for free. I am interested in psychology, and I want to go and try to be a police officer. If I don’t become a police officer, then I want to be a high school counselor because I like working with teenagers.”

When asked where she sees herself ten years from now, Boneshia smiles,

“I want to be in Atlanta in an apartment with the Chicago option. I want to be an investigator on the police force. I’d like to have a husband and one child.”

Until then Boneshia plans on enjoying her friends and her senior year as a Quitman High School Panther.

Boneisha poses with Jamal in the library.Boneisha poses with her friend.Boneisha poses with her fellow JROTC classmates.
For those looking for advice on successful living, Boneisha has some advice.

“Make sure you do your work. It’s good to have good friends you can count on and won’t throw you off track. Do stuff you want to do. Don’t do stuff your friends want you to do.”